No Time for Twitter? You're Missing a Professional Development Feast

Smarter Flock of TweetersAs the Twitterverse grows, I'm constantly amazed at the gems I find on Twitter. It's like panning for knowledge gold. This fast-moving social stream both enlightens and expands my world view.

Many people dismiss Twitter as a waste of time. I used to be one of them. Not any more. First thing in the morning, I scan trending topics, search a few hashtags and check to see what a few favorite sages are tweeting. Mid-day over lunch, I'm back for a few minutes and then again, in the evening.

I've learned about revolutions long before the special bulletins hit the air. I've spotted emerging players and tapped Twitter to ask them questions. I've "lurked and learned" as I watch conversations unfold. And TweetChats? With a savvy moderator and a dozen or more industry smarties participating, the discoveries are endless.

But the thing I value most about Twitter? The ability to tune in daily to the sages who help me get smarter.

It starts with following smart people. Next thing you know, you're following their trail to more smart people.

This morning, one smart person led me to a post by @jaycross that spoke volumes about the emotional side of business. (By the way, if you're a manager with direct reports, give Jay's post a read. It's excellent.)

Still not into Twitter? Maybe you need to follow a smarter flock of tweeters.

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(photo by donjd2 via Flickr)

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