The Cool Factor: How Cool is Your Conference?

The Cool Factor: How Cool is Your Conference?Think you know your conference buyers? In today's competitive marketplace, a 10% edge can make a world of difference in sustaining and growing your conference audience.

There are conscious buying decision factors. Things that are clear-cut and easier to evaluate:

  • Quality of content/speakers
  • Networking (Who else will be there?)
  • Price
  • Timing (scheduling, timing sync with need to solve problems)
  • Location & venue

For the most part, these are "givens" and known by conference marketers. Then there are those sub-conscious decision factors that sometimes hold more influence than you realize over buying decisions. Things like brand perceptions, word-of-mouth buzz, etc...  and the COOL factor.

How COOL is Your Conference?

Buyology, a global neuro-insight firm that studies customer preferences (particularly the subliminal ones) believes "coolness" drives more decisions that we realize. They've been measuring the impact of cool, particularly on brand favorability. Here are a few key findings from the Buyology research:

  • Cool drives brand preferences across a wide spectrum of product and service categories
  • Cool spans all age groups, though how cool is defined may vary from one age group to another
  • Cool brands have different characteristic patterns
  • Cool is better measured through non-conscious measures, where perception and intuition (gut) operate our thinking

As I dig into the Buyology research further, I'm intrigued by the ten attributes of Cool they reveal:

  • Authentic
  • Inspiring
  • Creative
  • Attractive
  • Edgy
  • Rebellious
  • Surprising
  • Mysterious
  • Unique
  • Takes Risks

Sounds like ten words to keep top of mind as you design your next conference experience. 

Photo Credit: Marvin Kuo via Compfight cc

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