Back in Time Going Forward with DC Streetcar

One of the things I miss most about living in our Nation's Capital is the public transit system. By DC Streetcarno means is Metro perfect, but just about anything beats driving, regardless of where you are. The person behind you is too close. The person about to sideswipe you is busy on the mobile phone. And the person in front of you is always too slow.

When I lived in DC, if I couldn't get there on Metro I didn't go. It was smart of the local chapters of MPI and PCMA to plan their monthly events near a Metro stop. I wasn't the only one who relied on the transit system.

Now, according to an article in Successful Meetings, DC is planning to add an old yet new public transportation option: the streetcar.

According to the article, streetcars were a daily part to life in Washington for about 100 years, from 1862 to 1962. In 2013, the City plans to begin the next life of the streetcar when it opens two lines, one in Anacostia and one on H Street. Since track already exists for the H Street line, it'll open first.

However, the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT), still has to raise power lines, develop a turnaround system and find someone to operate and maintain the system. DDOT says they picture a system with 37 miles of tracks, expanding to reach neighborhoods across the city.

All I can say is, cool! It'll be a great daily routine, especially on nice weather days, to hop a new old-fashioned trolley and be chauffeured to work in perfect public transit style.

They most likely won't look like the streetcars of old. As a matter of fact, it appears, from the website, they'll be modern and slick and contemporary. At least passengers won't freeze their tooshies off come winter.

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