Educator Profile: Betsy Barrett

Betsy BarrettI'd like to take some classes from Betsy Barrett. Not only does she have more degrees than a Jen-Air oven, but she teaches courses on wines. Who doesn't love that? Here's more on Betsy.

Name: Betsy Barrett
Degree/Designation: PhD in Hospitality Management and Dietetics.
Years in the Industry: Four as a food-service manager and dietitian.
Years as an Educator: 24 years.

Name of Institution: Kansas State University.
Program/Educational Focus: Hotel and Restaurant Management and Dietetics.

How long the program has been around: The HRM program has been around for almost 40 years. It was one of the first started in the U.S. It began with a focus on food-service and then we now have emphasis areas in food-service, lodging and convention and event management.

Number of students in program: 300

Favorite subject you teach and why: I teach a lot of different courses from undergraduate Research in Dietetics Practice to Wine Tasting to graduate courses in food-service management and administration of hospitality operations. So a favorite would be difficult to select. I took on Convention and Event management because many students were interested, and we had no one to teach at the time. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the meeting professionals and learning more about the industry.

What issues do you see challenging students now and in the coming years? How can they best prepare? Today students work as well as attend school. I find it amazing how they are able to manage their time and still do well in school. So I think this is a challenge for them to continue to do this. However, the current economic situation is a real concern and may be their biggest challenge - which will include dealing with their personal and professional finances. I would recommend that they gain work experience, take classes in personal finance and in business accounting, economics and finance. The more they have the basic classes along with work experience, I think they will be successful and meet the challenges they will face.
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