Educator Profile: Bill Host

One can tell from a single email that Bill Host likes to teach and has a passion for passing on his knowledge to his students.
William R Host
Name: Bill Host
Degree/Designation: MSHTM (Master of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management) and CMP.
Years in the Industry: My entire life (with my last name - Nomen est Omen (My Name is my Fate) but I date my professional planning to 1975.
Years as an Educator: Full time: 10 years. Part-time Adjunct: 8 years.

Name of Institution: Manfred Steinfeld School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Roosevelt University - Chicago, IL.
Program/Educational Focus: A student's degree is in Hospitality and Tourism Management, they can concentrate in lodging, restaurant, meetings/events or tourism. We also offer classes in club and casino management.
How Long the Program has been around: 1985
Number of Students in Program: 125-150 undergraduates, 35-50 graduate (Master's degree) students.

Favorite Subject you Teach and why: Introduction to Meetings & Events Management.  I like the variety and different segments that must be covered, the students growing awareness that the industry is larger and more complex than they thought, and their discovery that this is what they were seeking all along. I also get a charge out of having students discover that the course isn't as easy as they thought!

What do you see challenging students now and in the coming years: How can they best prepare? One of their challenges is getting the baby boomers (of which I am one) to move over and let them rise through the industry. Students need to understand that this is an industry where you advance by what you know, who you know, and how much time and sweat equity you've put in. Students also need to improve their communication (written and oral) skills and understand that a humanities background is as important as business.

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