Educator Profile: Carol Krugman

Carol KrugmanI first met Carol Krugman when I took my CMM class. She was one of our instructors. She was fun, knowledgeable and passionate about our industry. Let me introduce you to Carol.

Name: Carol Krugman
Degree/Designation:   MEd, CMP, CMM
Years in the Industry: 30+
Years as an Educator: 2.5

Name of Institution: Metropolitan State College of Denver
Program/Educational Focus: Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management  - I am Director of Meeting & Business Event Management in the Events concentration

How Long the Program has been around: since the 1970's - long history and tradition!
Number of Students in Program: 600+

Favorite Subject you Teach and why: Corporate and international meeting management, because it is my area of greatest expertise and the repository of my best stories - and like everyone else who had been in the business as long as I have, I've got some real doozies!

What do you see challenging students now and in the coming years? How can they best prepare? Immediate challenge is the dismal job market. Although our students are well prepared and we are able to place many of them in excellent entry level positions, these opportunities are nowhere near as abundant as we (or they) would like. Greatest future challenge is just keeping up with the continuous and rapid changes in our industry, although this current generation is much more adaptable in many ways than their older, more experienced peers. Best way for them to prepare is to become active in an industry association such as MPI, PCMA, etc. and take advantage of all the continuing professional education and networking opportunities after they graduate. We encourage this, position association membership and activity within the overall curriculum and have active student chapters of both MPI and PCMA, as well as ISES and HSMAI.

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