Educator Profile: Glen Ramsborg

Glen RamsborgI worked with Glen virtually when he was with PCMA. He provided input on an article I was doing on the history of meeting planning. He's now teaching at Kendall College. Thanks for your help, Glen.

Name: Glen C. Ramsborg
Degree/Designation: PhD, CMP
Years in the industry: 25 years
Years as an educator: I have been teaching at Kendall College in the hospitality program for two years. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and presented educational programs throughout all entire tenure.

Name of institutionSchool of Hospitality Management, Kendall College, Chicago
Program/educational focus: School of Hospitality Management, with a Meetings/Events concentration when the students obtain their BA Degree

How long the program has been around:  10 years
Number of students in program: About 100

Favorite subject you teach and why:   Meetings and conventions. It is my passion to help students able combine the theoretical with the practical and totally understand the reasons for the way individuals in "real life" operate within in this industry.  I learned it from the school of "hard knocks," as well as my involvement in the industry through the years and through my 70+ published articles - not to mention the editing of Professional Meeting Management, fifth edition, while I was at PCMA.

Students are amazed at the amount of work presented in the classroom. Recently, a student felt that I was making a lot of busy work for them by going through the process. A couple of days later, a student that was in the first class I ever taught came to speak to the current class. Without prepping her, she mentioned that all of the things that she had learned in the class were reasons she quickly went from a part-time position to a full-time position. She knew what needed to be done and was able to carry on her assignment with minimal supervision.

What issues do you see challenging students now and in the coming years?  Motivating them to understand that while we are in a service industry. Regardless if you are on the planning side or supplier side of the equation, the ability to execute on the details is an integral part of the work. The ability to see the big picture and when given a meeting/event to plan, regardless of the size, thinking about the opportunity from a strategic point of view, separates the individuals as extremely valuable team members and as employees. 

How can they best prepare? Through the mentoring in the college setting, incorporating the art of hospitality and the science of management into a package that students understand, can relate to and providing them the vision of the vastness of this industry.  To answer "best prepare" is a difficult answer to give you that is clean and succinct.  So many aspects of this industry are invisible to new or prospective students that it is not until they get into the environment and see that many diverse opportunities that they really can hone in on their likes and areas that they would excel in after graduation.

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