For the Luv of the iPad?

iPadAlthough I don't see many meeting planners out there toting iPads, I finally broke down and got one about a month ago. I'm not in love with it. Yet. But I might be soon. Too me, it's more a toy than a tool and a great way to watch a movie or read a book. Yet I'm finding a few apps here and there that actually help me stay productive when I'm out of the office.

For a while now, maybe a year or more, I've noticed that many suppliers have ditched the laptop for an iPad. It seems to be a more user-friendly tool for showing off a hotel or venue, with great videos and presentations (and it takes up less space in the exhibit booth).

If you're techie, you'll find ways to use the tablet for work. You know that big binder you carry with you onside, the one that has everything you need for your meeting, such as  BEOs, floor plans, emails, etc.? While, now you might just be able to chuck in the trash and use an iPad as your new carry-all.

With applications such as Dropbox and Evernote, you can organize files and documents and basically keep all your meeting notes accessible on the iPad. Dropbox is an online file sharing app. It allows you to access files that are stored on your computer back at the office. You can even email them from your mobile device should you need to send a copy to your conference services manager or other meeting peeps.

Evernote is a centralized filing hold for notes, photos, etc and also syncs to your desktop computer. Both of these apps have free versions, too. This may even allow your attendees to take stuff back to the office and put it into practice after (or during) your meeting.  

As I said, I haven't been completely won over by my iPad. But we're very close to a breakthrough in our relationship.
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