From Lime Green to Evergreen

Business EcologyAmy Townsend with Sustainable Development International Corporation (and a professor at George Washington University) believes that greening our meetings is a great thing to do. As a matter of fact, she believes it will be business ecology that will reform how we do green business.

She says, "Green business is good business. A green business conserves resources and is responsible for its actions. It does not take more than it can use, and it does not deplete natural resources more quickly than they can be replenished. It always seeks first to do no harm. If it does harm the environment or a community, it works to fix any harm done. A green business seeks to improve environmental health, repair degraded places, and rebuild natural capital."

Here are her five elements in greening a business, but they can also be applied our meetings and events:

What is your meeting's mission? Is the mission sustainable? If yes, how so? If not, how could it be modified to align with sustainability?

Staff hiring, training, encouragement, and incentives all play important roles in the successful greening of any organization. What will/does your company and meeting do to ensure that staff members are as green as possible in their jobs?

What greener practices does your company and meeting use in its operations? Greener accounting and investing practices? Telecommuting policies? Procurement?

Facilities & Sites
How will/does your company and meeting make its facilities and sites greener? Sites include the places where the company is located (or holds meetings) that it uses for resources, and that it affects through its activities.

Products & Services
How will/does your company and meeting make its products and/or services greener?

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