Get the Right Answer by Asking the Right Question

Q-stormingWe've all heard of brainstorming. Some find it a strength in themselves while others find it a nuisance. Personally, I like brainstorming. Clearing the slate and just letting your mind free float around the possibilities has mostly been helpful for me, both professionally and personally.

Gaining in popularity is what many call Q-storming, wherein we get the right answer by asking the right questions. The theory being that most problems can be solved with enough questions until you get to the right question, the one that provides fruit and those that let led us to new thinking and new possibilities.

It takes awhile to get used to not only the idea of it, but the actual practice of it because we tend to want to respond to a question with an answer. In Q-storming, we need to be in the mindset of a learner and ask mostly open ended questions. And almost no question is off limits, as long as it moves the discussion forward.

Each question can, and should, lead to other questions. The claim is that it's more effective than brainstorming because asking questions allows us to open our thinking whereas answers tend to close our thinking. In Q-storming the more questions the better.

I sat in a Q-storming session not long ago and what I liked about it is the strategic feeling it has, that it helps our thinking evolve and better prepare for a time when we really need to put on our thinking caps.
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