Hotels Hunt for Healthy Vittles

Healthy EatingAs travelers try hard to maintain a healthy diet, it appears that some of our partners on the hotel side are trying to accommodate. In an article by USA Today, it was reported that by the end of April, Hilton Hotels will offer low-calorie and low-fat breakfast in all of its hotels.

Marriott's Courtyard brand has started reporting calories on menu boards posted in its new hotel bistros and allows guests to take away a handout with more detailed nutritional information, such as sodium and carbohydrates content. Sofitel Hotels has its De-Light menu, available in New York, Chicago and other North American locals, and offers customers a 3-course meal that's less than 500 calories, each item being cooked without oil, flour, butter or cream.

This trend towards healthier options and more diet information seems to be on course considering that cities like New York that now require chain restaurants to prominently display caloric information. Plus, travelers have simply become more savvy and diet-conscious. They want to have options that mirror their eating habits when not traveling.

In addition, when you can look up at the menu and see that the "healthy" chicken sandwich you're about to order is 1,500 calories (more than half of a healthy daily intake), it really does make you think twice.

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