Tech Weapons for Road Warriors

@Can you imagine being a meeting planner today and not staying connected while out of the office? It’s almost unimaginable. Makes you ask, “How did we manage in 1999?”

It looks like the travel industry is beginning to take it seriously just how important staying linked is for us, whether it be email, social media or travel apps. A recent travel feature by Fox Business illustrated just which airports, airlines and gadgets help us work better.

Two of the best airports for fast Wi-Fi are Charlotte International and Raleigh-Durham, both coincidentally in North Carolina. Charlotte apparently has the speediest of upload speeds and the second fastest download, while Raleigh-Durham has the reverse: second fastest upload and the quickest download. At Charlotte, connecting is complimentary. At Raleigh-Durham it’ll cost $7.49 a day .

If you happen to be traveling through JFK, LaGuardia or Nashville airports, you’ll probably experience the slowest and most expensive Wi-Fi, at nearly $7.95 a day.

Highest ranked airlines on being tech-savvy rank Delta, Alaska and Virgin America at the top. These guys seem to have the best airport tech amenities like charging stations, high app quality, mobile check-in as well as a decent number of their fleets wired for wireless. 

Having the App Store helped Apple’s iPhone rank high among best tech gadgets followed by iPod, which allows for sweet web browsing, movie watching, book reading and even presentation building. A portable laptop charger with an integrated USB outlet from Kensington made the top list as did Seagate’s 3-terabyte external hard drive.

If this is any sign of things to come, it shouldn’t be too long (we hope!) before travel amenities include enough power outlets so that everyone has a chance to recharge on the go.

How do YOU stay connected on the road?

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