It's a Judgment Call

Judgment CallThey say good leaders are those that make good judgment calls. I'd like to think that meeting planners make good natural leaders because we make judgment calls all the time and most of the time they're correct, right?

Judgment calls come in all kinds of disguises. What should I have for lunch? Should I make three right turns or one left turn? Should I go with hotel A or hotel B? Will my Board of Directors prefer a conference table or a hollow square? Regardless, each call you make has a result. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to choose the spaghetti with red sauce when wearing a white blouse with an important meeting after lunch. Well, you get the point.

But judgment calls also say something about us as meeting planners. The better the result from the call, the better the meeting and the better your whole organization looks. With so much riding on our judgments, it's hard not to hesitate or feel a little apprehensive. That's just part of the judgment process, so don't let it hold you back and feel free to get input of others.

Even when we make a bad judgment call, we learn from it and that also makes you a good planner. How you deal with that error in judgment also adds to your arsenal as a good crises manager. What happens when you decide to go with Hotel A over Hotel B and it turns out it was the wrong judgment call? You learn from that error, go into Super Meeting Planner mode and take care of the crises. You've now learned something from that error as well as how to deal with the results of it (the same goes even if the error in judgment wasn't yours!).

It's important never to let fear of judgment hold you back. One way or the other, you'll get something out of it. Opportunities abound and even if the results of that judgment call aren't exactly what you wanted, you'll find a way to make them the best results you can. That's what makes you a good leader.

What do YOU think are the characteristics of good leadership?
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