Presentation Snore No More!

PowerPointMost conference session speakers and keynote presenters still use slide presentations, mostly via PowerPoint. But when presentations get boring and repetitive, with speakers creating a snore fest of slides and then reading them off to the audience, the delivery of information stops and the meeting suffers.

Presentations are still powerful and useful, but you'll want your presenters to make them more engaging and eye catching. Here are a few suggestions to pass along to your speakers.
  • Open with an awesome title and exciting first slide. Sometimes it's just one poignant word or stimulating visual. Or both.
  • Use a color design and/or scheme. Plain white slides with nothing but black text is a great way to put the audience to sleep. Don't go crazy on the color, but a consistent dash of color throughout makes an impression.
  • Use stunning images and fewer words. Let the speaker's voice be the message and the slides be that which provides the memory cue. This speaks to both aural and visual adult learners. Plus, unexpected and visually fun photos help keep the audience engaged.
  • Keep it professional by using no more than 2-3 font styles and stay away from cutesy, flashing, sparkly text. Videos are okay, but they should be pre-loaded (to prevent dead air) and should be no more than a few minutes long.
  • If you're using images or text that require attribution, give credit at the bottom of that slide or use a credit slide at the end of the presentation.
  • Lastly, have a recap slide that lists the major points and key takeaways.
Finally, let your presenters know that you'll want to send their presentations to your attendees. That will get their attention!
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