Southwest Draw

Hyatt Tamaya PoolSeveral years ago, for my grandmother's 90th birthday, we held a celebration at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. If you haven't been to a desert climate, away from the shake and shimmy of the big city, then it's something to add to your bucket list. At day, you may never see a sky so blue. At night, you'll learn why they call it the Milky Way.

I'm guessing it was intentional in its design, but the Hyatt Tamaya is so camouflaged with its adobe walls and desert Southwest hues that you only realize you're there, well, when you're there. It slowly peaks from the beige grasses of the Santa Ana Indian Reservation on which it sits.

Sure, it has ample and functional meeting space, with decor to match its New Mexico surroundings. And, yes, there are golf courses, with awesome contrasts between the greenest fairway and the reddest desert soil. Don't go hunting for your Hyatt Tamaya Mountainslost golf ball. You don't want to stomp the native plants (or worse, step on a rattlesnake). You leave them alone. They leave you alone.

There is a full spa, a few swimming pools and dining options to fit a place called a resort. The rooms have balconies with views. To the west are the dormant volcanoes that may have helped shape this valley eons ago. To the east flows the Rio Grande, overlooked by the sky-scraping blue and purple Sandia Mountains (which is watermelon in Spanish. See it at the right time of day and you'll know why).

The problem with the place is that the surroundings are so beautiful, you may have a hard time keeping your attendees in session. Sometimes that's an okay challenge to have.

Learn more about Hyatt Tamaya Resort on the Cvent Supplier Network.

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