Meeting Planning: Is It Teeth Grinding Work?

toothgrindingWhen I once had some chest pains and a numb arm, just two weeks prior to my annual conference, I went to my cardiologist. Turns out I didn’t have a heart attack (this time!) but a panic attack. Turns out, some of my new roles at work, piled on top of all my existing duties, had taken its toll. I was lucky. It was some short-term prescription medicine and breathing techniques that got me through it. But it turns out I’m not the only meeting planner with interesting health issues.

I remember how she gently shook her head from side to side when I told her I was a meeting planner and said, “I have a lot of meeting planner patients.” 

By now, the popular CareerCast Study, which tagged meeting and event planning as the 6th-most stressful job, is familiar to most, if not all, readers of the Event Blog. In strictly casual conversations – non-scientific by all means – it turns out that several planners have stress-related complications like I do.

It was also interesting to note how many planners grind their teeth, several of them sleeping with not-so-hot and trendy mouth guards. Some finding that just prior to a meeting, their grinding increases. 

Next time you find yourself gnashing your chompers together, remember… you’re not alone! But remember to take a deep breath, relax and learn some stress management, such as breathing techniques, stretching exercises or a little gym time (it really does help!). And take care of yourself by scheduling regular check ups.

For more relaxation techniques, read Need to Stretch Your Innovation Muscles? Head to the Beach and 3 Ways to Make You Feel Happy Right Now. To find the tools for meeting success, click here for Cvent Event Management Software.


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