Milwaukee's Art of the Event

Museum WingsThe pictures of the Milwaukee Art Museum don't do it justice. To really appreciate it, you need to visit. Better yet, plan an off-site event there.

I was lucky enough to do a site visit and then plan an evening reception there for about 600 people as part of an annual conference. I took the pictures here as part of my site visit. As you can see, the architecture alone will please attendees, but with room for about 1,000 people and with on-site catering, food Museum Lobbyand atmosphere will help complete a picture-perfect event.

The large, open cathedral-like space is the welcoming center for guests. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrave. When the wings of the facility are open, it looks like a bird, giant and soaring right over Lake Michigan. When concealed, the 90-foot-high structure represents that of a sail, just like a boat afloat on the water.

CelingThe 142,050-square-foot Quadracci Pavilion was originally expected to contain public spaces, such as the reception hall, cafe and store. Later, Calatrave said, "I had clients who truly wanted from me the best architecture that I could do. Their ambition was to create something exceptional for their community.... Thanks to them, this project responds to the culture of the lake: the sailboats, the weather, the sense of motion and change."

The structure incorporates both cutting-edge technology and old-world craftsmanship. I remember the evening my reception ended. I believe everyone left impressed.

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