The Event Welcome Mat

Many of our larger conferences include special events and one-night receptions for only certain attendees, requiring a separate registration list. Just like at the main meeting, the registration desk is the center of the event universe. Here are tips to keep the registration running smooth at your smaller, shorter special events.

Some planners like to read the registration list aloud so that when you hear the attendee say it, you know where it is Registration Welcomeon the list. It also helps you keep track of who has arrived and who has yet to arrive.

Just like with your conference reg, you want the event registration to be in an attractive, spacious area. This not only makes it easier to find, but provides rooms for guests to stand off to the side and network or wait for others to show up. 

It also allows for extra space for more tables should you need room for other registration supplies, such as name tags, onsite registration, etc. Don't forget extra pens, tape and other supplies that you might find a use for.

Possibly more important than location or supplies is attitude. Your staff there should be greeting guests with a smile and helpful manner. It not only makes attendees feel welcome, but should an issue arise, people are more likely to comply with your request if they feel they've been treated warmly and respectfully.

Remember, keep the table staffed with at least one person until the event ends, just in case latecomers show up or if help is needed inside the event itself.

How do YOU roll out the welcome mat?

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