Traveling the Travel Sites

So I like to travel, buTravelingt I hate to fly. It’s not that I’m afraid of planes or anything like that. It’s simply unpleasant. I’d rather chew glass.

Despite that, I still find that I must fly for work and use many websites to explore ticket prices. There’s really too many out there. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and on and on. 

I’ve found my best tool is Kayak. It differs from some of the others by looking up the best flights or hotel rates from a myriad of other travel websites and then offering you the opportunity to go directly to that website and purchase. Yet, I’ve found, in my own un-scientific way, that the best rates still come from the original supplier itself.

Kayak may suggest that I can find the cheapest flight on XYZ Air at, but when  I visit both websites and  compare both Hotwire and XYZ Air, it turns out they have the exact same price for the same flight. And if I book directly with XYZ Air it’s often easier to pick your seat, add your frequent flier number and look at other flight details.  And should something go wrong (like that would ever happen!), you may have better results working with XYZ Air.

I'm not saying not to peruse the travel websites. I merely find that for my purposes going right to the source provides the best prices for the service.

Thanks to things like the Internet and a constant barrage of TV news, consumers are more educated today than ever before. We try hard to get the most for our hard-earned money, whether it comes to buying a car, a microwave or a hotel room, we do our research and like to think we get the best deal out there.

Keep checking those travel websites and if you find a great deal… don’t keep it a secret!

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