Ups and Downs of Travel Diets

DietingNot long ago I read an article that claimed it was harder to lose weight when traveling as opposed to when you're at home. Um, duh!

For us meeting planners who travel often, we know the challenges of staying fit or keeping to a diet when on site AND trying to manage a meeting. There are too many cliches to use, but it's like trying to squeeze water from a rock or change lead into gold. It's pretty tough.

There are a lot of things planners do to counter this uphill battle. I've gotten to the point where I no longer take workout clothes with me when I travel, especially for short trips. I know I will not get up an hour earlier (like at 4 or 5 AM) to go to the hotel fitness center or to run around the sidewalks of downtown.

Science and medicine tell us that our bodies create chemicals when we're under stress and those chemicals make it nearly impossible for us to lose weight. And meeting planners are often under lots of stress when traveling or on site. To me it doesn't make sense to be more stressed by adding the issue of weight loss or diet. We have enough on our plates, right?

So though I may not strive to exercise when traveling, I still try to watch what I eat (even if I'm watching it go from the serving tray to my mouth!). There's no magic trick to losing weight. No South Beach or trendy plan does anything new or special. There's still only one true way to lose weight: reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise. Period. It may be hard to increase exercise when on site, but watching your calories isn't as hard.

In the end, when you're traveling or on site, it's still a challenge to exercise and eat right. So don't worry about it. Eat a little less and try to get minimal physical activity, like yoga in your guest room or a flight of stairs over the elevator. The important thing is not to freak out about it, thereby creating more stress. The best thing you can do is hop back on that diet wagon once you get home and back to your routine.

How do YOU maintain a good weight while on the road?
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