For Visitors, Mexico City Is a Safe Bet

flagConvention centers, meetings hotels, museums and monuments are all checklist items for diligent planners conducting a site inspection. But recently, an international group of meetings professionals got to step into the heart of Mexico City’s high-tech security complex.

The visit, organized as a part of FITA 2012, took the group on a tour of the city’s C4 security bunker, a state-of-the–art monitoring facility connected to more than 15,000 cameras throughout the city. The network allows the city to respond in real time to crises ranging from crime to natural disasters, medical emergencies and other issues affecting public safety. Under the C4 system, the Mayor of Mexico City can be briefed on any relevant occurrence in the city within five minutes of it happening.

Since launching in October 2011, crime in Mexico City is down 21.4% and the city has become the number one city in the country in crime reduction. Mexico City now has lower crime rates than cities such as Chicago, New York, New Orleans. The C4 is considered the most modern complex of its kind in any country. Over the next six years the city government plans to add an additional 5,000 security cameras to the system, which will make Mexico City the most monitored metropolis in the world.

Planners responded positively to the city’s investment in public safety. “As a woman alone, I never felt unsafe walking and exploring Mexico City,” said Lucille Ferarra, a representative of the New York-based travel specialty travel company, Group Ist.

This long-term investment in security technology and the resulting decline in crime statistics have boosted interest in the city among international tourists in search of a destination that is modern, secure, and culturally rich. Mexico City has moved up 25 spots in the ICCA rankings in the last five years, making it one of the top 50 destinations in the world for international congresses and conventions.

For more information about Mexico City security, please contact the Mexico City Convention Bureau, or contact Eric Alvarez of DMS (Destination Management Services de Mexico) at

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