Planner Smarts: The Cure for the Common Recycling Bin

Many of my clients come from the worlds of fashion and design, so needless to say, they are a visually-Flings bins dotsinclined group. Their eye for detail has taught me to be conscious of visual elements that not everyone might notice, like the one wilting rose in a beautiful bouquet, the signage that's not perfectly aligned or the phalanx of unsightly garbage cans detracting from the look of a festive gathering. Fortunately, there's now a cure for the garbage and recycling bin uglies. It's called the Fling Bin and it's a portable, lightweight container that snaps open accordion-style to form a decorative bin for trash or recycling.

Available in several prints - I'm partial to the polka dots and gingham check - Flings Bins are designed to make it easier for you and your guests to keep recycling and trash separate, and gussy up the garbage while you're at it. In additional to their decorative appeal, they're considerably more convenient to store and transport than traditional plastic garbage bins, because they store flat and spring open with just a quick shake. Better yet, Fling Bins are are made with recyclable materials, are recyclable in many cities, biodegradable and can save up to 60 cans or bottles per bag from winding up in the landfill - a big plus in my book. To pick up some for your next event where giant plastic bins simply won't do, check out the stock at Target, Party City,The Container Store or on Amazon.

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