Pathable and Cvent: Making Life Easier for Event Planners

Let's say a genie popped out of that water bottle (or coffee mug) you've got on your desk. What would your three wishes as an event planner be? Maybe for a few extra hours in the day to get things done, the perfect venue in terms of location, cost and size, and a way to get all your event management technologies working in harmony?

Luckily for you, Wish #3 is already a reality (so quick, think of something else to wish for!). Pathable, Inc. and Cvent have been partnering with one another since 2009, helping planners increase attendance at their events while improving the networking and communication between attendees.

Who is Pathable? Pathable is the leading provider of online communities and private social networks for events. The platform is an easy-to-use community and social network helping attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors connect before, during and after an event. Pathable leverages prior investments made by attendees with other social services such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to create a comprehensive profile of the attendees while creating an intimate community of people attending a real-world event together. Pathable offers a white label, B2B service that integrates into the event's existing brand and web presence and includes a mobile web application available on all modern mobile devices.

Curious how it all works? In developer speak, the Pathable and Cvent API's are able to connect with one another to allow key registration and attendee data to pass back and forth between platforms. In language that works for the rest of us laypeople, data that's captured when an attendee registers for an event through Cvent (important information like name, title, company and email address) automatically carries over into a Pathable community. Event planners using Cvent for their event registration can give attendees a one-click option for their attendees to opt-in and join the Pathable community. 

The two companies' partnership also means that event planners get comprehensive, cohesive customer support. Pathable and Cvent work together to solve any issues that may arise, and customers are never sent back and forth in a ping pong-esque fashion. Communication is key and prevalent, from the sales process to troubleshooting integration issues to support post-event.

"It's telling that Cvent and Pathable were first introduced through mutual customers," said Jordan Schwartz, CEO of Pathable. "Our partnership delivers what event planners and attendees have been asking for: a best-of-breed event management and registration solution combined with a robust social networking platform. Now attendees can be confident that when they register for an event, they'll have the tools to make the valuable business connections they're counting on."

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