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10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Event Planners

It's less than a week before Christmas and you still have a few gifts to pick up for an event or a client who has been really good to you. It's been almost a year to the day since I did a blog post with gift ideas. Not to worry, I have been saving the hottest gifts I've seen at tradeshows or more

15 Strategies to Speed up Food and Beverage Service

With the trend towards shorter meetings, event planners all over the world find that it is essential to speed up food and beverage service. While pre-pouring water and pre-setting salad may seem like ideal solutions, food and beverage professionals have concerns about food sitting and being more

Event Themes to Explore: Steampunk

It's not easy to theme. Okay, maybe it is, but coming up with fresh ideas? Not so much.  Which is why steampunk, a fantasy concept composed of 19th-century, steam-powered science and sci-fi, may be the next event theme to catch on.  Steampunk is all about re-creating a fanciful future as more

Texas Sets Store on Bitcoin

Call it the future, or maybe the currency version of Esperanto (remember that?), but Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has taken Texas by storm. The first bitcoin ATM (CoinVault) appeared in Austin in February; followed by two CoinVaults in Dallas last August. This month, however, Houston took more

Out on a Limb in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah’s Newest Luxury Properties

The thought of a conference group stranded on a desert island could be a meeting planner’s worst nightmare. But if that desert island is in Dubai, and is in the shape of a palm tree, it’s likely that the group has landed on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s iconic man-made archipelago that is home to more

Book Shelf: Borrowing from the Interactive Training Library

So it's year's end - a chance to wind down, take stock, and perhaps travel. What better time to catch up on your reading. One area that would be beneficial for all conference and meeting planners to explore is strategies for making meetings, particularly those that have learning content, more

Tres Bon: Promotions in Montreal

Fun-loving, alluring, sports-minded, chic: Montreal is all of these and more. Its hotels, of course, fit a variety of group profiles, budgets, and personality types. And perhaps because of the language and culture duality, Montreal seems to take that extra step to make everyone feel at home. more

4 Fabulous Christmas Event Themes

For events like Christmas parties that take place every year, it's easy to fall into a rut. Here are 4 themes to keep Christmas and holiday parties fresh and exciting. 1. Christmas in Austria Location: Pictured: St. Peter Stiftskeller - Das Restaurant, Salsburg, Austria, the the oldest restaurant more

Dutch Treats—Promotions in Amsterdam

With its long experience in business and trade, Amsterdam is a city that attracts sharp dealmakers. But some event planners are signing nice deals at several of Amsterdam’s prime meetings hotels—and doing it without so much as lifting a finger to punch numbers into a calculator. To get in on this, more

Last Minute Holiday Event Planning: Quickly and Easily

It's already December and you've just received the go ahead to plan a holiday event. Yes it's late, but it's still not too late to create a great holiday event. To prepare for last-minute events, here are 10 sure-fire steps: Get a clear briefing to pinpoint objectives. Is the purpose of this more
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