Planning How-To's

New Feature: The RFP Showcase

The new RFP Showcase offers meeting planners a chance to market their RFPs to venues that did not initially receive their business, increasing visibility to suppliers who are qualified to accommodate their needs. Meeting planners can customize their preferences to control hotels in what areas more

Setting Group Norms for Meetings

In our weekly Meetings 411 feature, the Cvent Event blog has reviewed best practices for meetings from a number of vantage points. It isn't enough to be familiar with best practices. It is also important to establish an agreed upon set of group norms to ensure that everyone is on the same page more

5 Ways to Take the Boring Out of Beverage Service

Often, when event planners discuss food and beverage trends, the focus in on hot culinary trends. Last night, event planners who attended Incentiveworks (earlier this year) were welcomed at the opening VIP night of the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo taking place in Toronto all weekend. In addition to more

Quick Financial Primer (Not Just for Event Planners)

At some point in their career, some event planners find themselves serving on professional association boards. When this happens, an important responsibility is ensuring the financial health of the organization. To do this effectively, a basic understanding of financial statements is more

Meeting Planning, When Key Players Change

Sooner or later, an event or meeting planner may encounter a scenario that involves changing players. When you're in the process of planning a client event or meeting, sometimes a new stakeholder joins the team or a key stakeholder retires, resigns, or, heaven forbid, is fired. It's so obvious more

Handling Those Last Minute Requests II

The numbers are in. No I am not referring to the results of the US Mid-term elections. Once again event planners have made the list. Sitting at number 5 after enlisted military personnel, military general, firefighter, and airline pilot is event coordinator in the annual CareerCast survey of more

Social Media Marketing Questions: Can a Brand Be Your Friend?

"ACME brand is a good friend of mine," said no one ever. This statement illustrates a huge problem that brands experience when trying to use social media for marketing. It wasn't so difficult when most people spent their free time passively watching, listening to, or reading content by way more

Molecular Gastronomy Venues

Last Friday, I discussed molecular gastronomy, a hot culinary trend that may be just what is needed to add the wow factor to an event for a group of attendees who have seen it all. Fortunately, chefs who specialize in molecular gastronomy can be found in every corner of the globe. Cocino de Autor, more

Small Meeting Secrets: Private Guides

As group sizes get smaller and budgets for individual incentive trips and foreign retreats shrink accordingly, it is essential for event planners to come up with new models for delivering service. For small meetings and events, if you're not accompanying the group, using private guides at more

What's Hot: Molecular Gastronomy

If you ever watch cooking shows like Chopped or Top Chef, every now and then, a contestant like Chef Richard Blais creates a dish using molecular gastronomy. It's a term that is unfamiliar to some event planners while others are incorporating dishes created through this innovative approach more
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