Planning How-To's

15 Steps for Planning Team Building Retreats

With Q3 winding down and significant fluctuations on the stock market and in the global economy, it's important for companies to pause, take stock of where they are, and map out their strategy for Q4 and beyond. If course corrections are needed, now is the time to make the critical decisions more

Posh Picnic Gear for Corporate Events

As the summer winds down, picnics are the perfect way for corporate teams to enjoy the warm weather that continues over the coming weeks. There are many ways to incorporate picnics into events, both large and small. Picnics can be used to provide a change of scenery for lunch perk participants more

Win-Win Room Block Strategies

Recently a number of scenarios relating to room blocks have been discussed on social media. They have highlighted the fact that it can be challenging to balance the needs of corporate clients with those of resorts and hotels. While clients need maximum flexibility and to keep options open more

Pay Attention to the Basics to Minimize Surprises for Meeting Participants

Sometimes, it's the small details, especially unexpected situations, that can interfere with the satisfaction of event attendees and meeting participants. For meetings to flow smoothly, it's important to attend to a myriad details. Some of these items may seem basic but it is surprising more

8 Ways to Find Relief for Aching Shoulders and Backs

Between carrying heavy luggage and boxes, loading and unloading event supplies, many hours on tradeshow floors, and extended time on their feet or seated at the computer, many event planners experiences aching shoulders, backs, and other muscles. Relief is possible but sometimes the pain won't more

Creating a Buzz with Creative Event Marketing

Whether one is marketing a conference, an event planning business, or a product for a client, it's important to find strategies to rise above the crowd and grab the attention of prospective customers. Here are some creative approaches to marketing that can be used for product launches or to create more

9 Tips for Breaking the Ice

With attendees using their phones to text, Tweet, livestream, and so much more, icebreaking games and techniques may seem beside the point, even quaint. But that is not the case at all! These days, attendees come to meetings more to connect with each other than simply to pick up new more

7 Tips for Welcoming International Event Attendees

As the pace of global trade and information exchange continues to quicken, more and more U.S.-based meetings are turning into truly international gatherings. In fact, international attendance is the fastest growing category of attendance for many major U.S. conventions and trade shows. The more

Great Southwest Savings: Meeting Promotions in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM, whose skyline is brightened by the Sandia Mountain range — the word sandia means watermelon, the color taken on by the mountains at sunset — is a city with many cultural and recreational offerings, and a great choice for meetings where affordability is key.  Albuquerque's more

Live-Streaming Apps: the Legalities

Periscope and Meerkat have caused quite a stir in recent months, as event organizers wonder whether these new apps, which give smart phone users the ability to live stream snippets of events, are a good thing or a bad thing.  RELATED: What You Need to Know About Periscope and Meerkat This more
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