Planning How-To's

5 Ways to Keep Venues Warm During Winter Events

Clearly the winter chill isn't going to let up any time soon. Even areas that don't normally get winter are experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures. So, for event planners, it's important to develop creative ways of staying warm. Whether you are heating a lounge, patio, tent, or outdoor more

8 Ways to Refresh Your Annual Conference

An annual conference provides the unique opportunity to bond relationships between peers, clients, investors, vendors, and prospective business partners. It creates a stage where people can come together and reflect on exceptional accomplishments as well as opportunities missed throughout the year, more

Bespoke Events and Experiences Essential in Internet Age

In the past, many clients arranged and paid for group excursions for foreign retreats and incentive trips. The benefit of this approach is that shared experiences can be a time of bonding. The downside is that no matter what group activity is selected, it won't appeal to some participants. more

1st Tablet Sales Dip: Time to Double-Down on Mobile Event Apps

You knew this day would come. Tablet sales have been rising fast since market inception (2010 when Apple introduced the iPad), but this marks the first time ever that there's been a sales dip. According to recent stats released by IDC, from October through December 2014, Apple et al shipped more

The Academy Awards: 5 Take-aways for Employee Appreciation Events

Through the Academy Awards, Hollywood gives recognition and celebrates the accomplishments of the talented artists and professionals that create the magic we see on our screens. All the stops are pulled out to create this annual star-studded event. There are a number of take-aways that more

Chinese New Year Inspiration for Event Planners

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Chinese New Year is a time of year I remember with fondness. (During my first trip to Asia, I landed in Kuala Lumpur a few days before Chinese New Year. I still remember the lanterns, lights and mesmerizing red decorations.) Chinese New Year marks the celebration of the Lunar more

Could Crowdfunded Sponsorships Work for Your Event?

This event sponsorship idea was inspired by a Newcastle Super Bowl ad, where 37 brands enjoyed varying degrees of exposure in 60-second commercial. Gotta love the clever ways they worked in product placement. Take a look: Brilliant idea and entertaining to boot, but this "Band of Brands" was a more

10 Ways for Meeting Planners to Recharge After Events

You've worked for months or maybe even years to pull together an event. It's over and you're feeling it...a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. Even if an event went incredibly well, it's not unusual for a touch of melancholy to set in. It's normal and nothing to worry about. It's just your body' more

Stylish Attractions: 3 Fashion Exhibits Strike a Pose in NYC

OK, so maybe you don't have a backstage pass to New York Fashion Week, that doesn't mean you can't take yourself and your conference guests out for a fashion-packed field trip in NYC this winter and spring. All you need to do is set aside an hour or two and direct your style-minded guests to one more

How to Create Off-Hour Networking Opportunities

By MarketingProfs When it comes to networking at events, opportunities are everywhere. Aside from sessions and exploring the tradeshow floor, attendees go to opening and closing receptions, cocktail hours, and banquets for meet-and-greets. But even still, they sometimes want extra time to more
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