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Influence Skills for Event Planners Part 2

Every event planner experiences it at one time or another. They present an idea that they think is a "slam dunk." Instead of getting an enthusiastic "Yes!" by their responses, it is clear that clients or colleagues are "underwhelmed" at best or totally opposed at worst. When one idea after more

July Best Practice: Top 3 RFP Time Savers

Looking for ways to build your RFPs in less time? Consider that a rhetorical question – the answer is always yes! Use our top three RFP time saving methods: Saved Messages, Organizational Profiles and the Meeting Agenda Import. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a faster, more more

Shoulder Season in Hawaii's Paradise

  With temperatures in the comfortable low- to mid-80s consistently year-round, weather per se isn’t the factor determining what hotels in Hawaii consider the shoulder or low season. Rather, it’s more about patterns of demand that hotel sales directors have come to expect year-in and more

Content Management Apps for Busy #Eventprofs

If you're an event planner, there are a few things I know about you. I know you are incredibly organized, see things in the big picture and the small details and you're incredibly busy. Am I right so far? If you're like many of us, your office is overflowing with papers and your social more

Incentive Destinations: White Mountains in New Hampshire

As a Canadian teenager, I used to look forward to visiting New Hampshire when I was a camper at Frontier Lodge Christian Youth Camp near the U.S. border. Now, for corporate groups in search of relief during the steaming summer months, I can recommend the White Mountains, which cover 25% of more

3 Paris Must-Do's When You've Only Got a Morning to Spare

When working overseas, we planner types rarely get more than a few precious hours to see the cities we’re working in. But if you find yourself in Paris with an hour or two to spare and you’re prepared to move fast, it’s possible to catch a few highlights before the guests touchdown. To see the more

Sustainable Event Design Begins at Home

Creating sustainability initiatives is easy. It's getting people to comply that's hard. That's why you should define internal sustainability policies at the office before trying to green an entire conference. Understanding what your team has been able to adopt and why will help you explain more

Conference of the Living Dead

You've seen it before. Hotel lobbies full of bodies, shuffling from room to room, making incoherent noises, perhaps looking at a business card through heavy-lidded eyes. The zombie conference has become harder to combat in an age of relentless distraction and higher expectations for more

Gamification: 9 Tips for Using Games in Meetings (From the School of Hard Knocks)

Whether you use board games, card games, computer games, social media games, or games in a game show format, gamification can be an effective strategy for engaging participants during meetings, training and development programs, conferences, and team building. When it comes to games, one size more

National Dance Day: Time to Reflect on Dance for Corporate Events

Tomorrow is the 4th annual Official National Dance Day, created by Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer of So You Think You Can Dance, the hit TV show that has done more to raise the profile of dance than any initiative in recent memory. This celebration of dance, takes place on the last Saturday more
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