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Pan Am Games Show 7 Ways to Wow a Crowd

Last night, the closing ceremonies for the 2015 Pan Am Games took place in Toronto. International blockbuster events of this scale are always an opportunity to pick up ideas for conferences, corporate events, meetings, and other special events. Here are a few things that stood out from the more

Gift Grab Bag for Corporate Events

Christmas will be here before we know it and many events for which give-aways are needed are coming up in the latter part of the year. It's been a while so I thought it was about time to reach into the treasure troves of gift ideas that I've been collecting to share a few with Cvent Event more

Designing Spousal Programs for Corporate Events

While most guests involved in spousal programs for corporate events are still female, the demographic is gradually shifting and there are more and more men in attendance. Coming up with gender neutral activities and activities that are appealing for men can be a challenge. Today, I'll provide a more

10 More Tips to Trim Meeting Budgets

There are number of reasons that organizations may need to trim meeting budgets this year, as a number of international destinations are feeling the pinch of economic challenges. Likewise, it's important for meeting planners to be proactive and deliver value in an affordable manner, to avoid more

Outdoor Meetings: Some Practical Considerations

Outdoor meetings are the perfect opportunity to take participants out of their routine, stimulate brainstorming and foster out-of-the-box thinking. But planning outdoor meetings is not exactly the same as planning outdoor events.While some of the same best practices apply, there are more

15 Light and Easy Touches for Summer Events

During the summer, it's always best to lighten things up. Fortunately, this can also help guests relax and help trim the budget. Start with a theme to pull everything together, then add these 15 light touches. Venues Whether it's a beach, lakeside retreat, a clearing in the woods or garden, take more

Simple Steps for Social Media Success: FAQs on Boosting Onsite Attendee Engagement

Social media is one of those marketing strategies that you know is important, but it probably hasn’t made it off your “nice-to-have” list just yet. If it has, I sincerely applaud you and encourage the #humblebrag.  However, if you’re just getting started with social media, don’t get overwhelmed more

PANAMANIA Hits Toronto - What can Event Planners Learn #TO2015

The opening ceremonies for the Pan American Games (officially the XVII Pan American Games), the world’s third-largest international multi-sport games, is all set for July 10th. It's the largest sports tourism event in Toronto's history. With athletes from 41 in countries in North America, more

Meetings 411: Event Planning Tips for Generation Z - Part 2

I recently discussed the implications of what we already know about Generation Z for designing meetings and event planners. Here 5 specific tips for designing meetings and events that are effective and engaging for Generation Z participants. Build on Their Strengths Design collaborative, more

The Future of the Meeting Space: Meet Generation Z

Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010), started hitting the U.S. workforce in 2013. Currently, they are the largest U.S. population group (23 million). By 2020, Generation Z will represent 36% of the U.S. labor force. While Millennials have been the most studied demographic group, more
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