What You Can Learn From Sourcing Your Event in Vegas

Vegas Venue

On June 26-30, close to 3,000 event and hospitality professionals, partners, and employees will come together to engage at this year’s Cvent CONNECT. As our largest event, Cvent CONNECT 2016 will encourage the best in the business to share ideas, build stronger relationships, and deepen their knowledge of our ever-changing industry. On Tuesday, June 28, event and hospitality professionals will come together and experience The Exchange, a tradeshow where attendees can gain a 360-degree perspective of the entire meetings and events ecosystem.

So if you’re an event planner like me, you know this is the beginning of a long planning journey filled with some logistical challenges, to say the least. We’ll be hosting thousands of attendees, managing a multi-track schedule, and to top it off, it’s going to be in Las Vegas – a city known for its endless entertainment and distractions.

Our first step toward achieving never-before-seen event success was to find the perfect place. A show-stopping event deserves an equally astonishing venue, which is why we chose The Venetian and The Palazzo. Coming to that decision wasn’t easy, however, so here are some tips that I found helpful during the venue sourcing process:

  1. Know your Needs

Cvent CONNECT 2016 will be a large conference with several sessions occurring concurrently throughout the day. Not all venues have large enough meeting spaces or are flexible enough to accommodate such a huge endeavor. By laying out your “non-negotiables” or “must-haves,” before researching will help you narrow down your pool of proposals quickly:

2. Search More Efficiently

We use the Cvent Supplier Network to search for venues. We get a comprehensive look at all of our destination and venue options without having to sort through chaos. There are over 200,000 hotels and venues listed on the network, and there’s always one that fits our needs. Plus, being able to create a single eRFP that you can send to multiple venues is a major timesaver!  

            3. Consider the X-Factor

Las Vegas is known for its nonstop entertainment, which is one of the reasons it made our destination short list. But that also means it can be hard to keep attendees onsite and on track. The Venetian and The Palazzo offers plenty of unique experiences for attendees and we also have a number of surprises to keep attendees engaged. Make sure you consider how to excite your attendees so you don’t have to worry about them losing interest in their downtime.

Picking the right venue doesn’t have to be difficult. When you start to plan your next event, use the Cvent Supplier Network to search for your venue, be explicit about what you need, and find a location that’s perfect for you and your attendees.

And don’t forget to registration for Cvent CONNECT before prices go up! 

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