Social Media

Live-Streaming Apps: the Legalities

Periscope and Meerkat have caused quite a stir in recent months, as event organizers wonder whether these new apps, which give smart phone users the ability to live stream snippets of events, are a good thing or a bad thing.  RELATED: What You Need to Know About Periscope and Meerkat This more

6 Secrets for Maintaining Social Media Visibility, Round the Clock

When I meet Cvent Event Blog readers face-to-face at tradeshows or conferences, one question is always asked of me, "You're everywhere at all times. When do you sleep?" For meeting planners and event planning firms that serve clients in different time zones or areas of the world, maintaining more

Simple Steps for Social Media Success: FAQs on Boosting Onsite Attendee Engagement

Social media is one of those marketing strategies that you know is important, but it probably hasn’t made it off your “nice-to-have” list just yet. If it has, I sincerely applaud you and encourage the #humblebrag.  However, if you’re just getting started with social media, don’t get overwhelmed more

Meetings 411: Event Planning Tips for Generation Z - Part 2

I recently discussed the implications of what we already know about Generation Z for designing meetings and event planners. Here 5 specific tips for designing meetings and events that are effective and engaging for Generation Z participants. Build on Their Strengths Design collaborative, more

The Future of the Meeting Space: Meet Generation Z

Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010), started hitting the U.S. workforce in 2013. Currently, they are the largest U.S. population group (23 million). By 2020, Generation Z will represent 36% of the U.S. labor force. While Millennials have been the most studied demographic group, more

Takeaways from Cvent Connect Group Business Forum

The Group Business Forum at Cvent Connect 2015 just started yesterday and already attendees are walking away with solid strategies to grow group business. At Group Marketing Solutions, Bharet Malhotra, Senior Vice President, Sales, Cvent, explored how buyers and the buying process have changed more

10 Film Industry Tips for Getting Media Coverage for Events

Media coverage is a key success factor for many corporate and association events. Yet, many event planners struggle with attracting media attention and getting enough press coverage. Here are 10 tips from the film industry for how to improve media coverage of your events. Obtain media more

How to Build a Marketing Communications Plan in 4 Easy Steps

So you have something big, really exciting, in store. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you understand the importance of sharing. Tell me: How are you planning to spread the good news? Oh wow, a press release. That’s … interesting. What’s your distribution plan? You’ve got one of those more

Event Marketing: The Power of Personas

Does your event marketing toolkit include personas? If so, stick around. We'll dig into how to leverage this tool more effectively to boost registrations and grow attendance loyalty. For those not as familiar with personas, here's a quick lesson... Personas help us better understand the needs, more

12 Tips for Encouraging Clients to Embrace Social Media

Recently, the following question was posted on a LinkedIn group: What are your top tips for persuading a client who is completely against the use of social media for their event? As event planners who are highly engaged on social media, it's easy to forget that there are many areas where more
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