Social Media Walls for Events: Do's, Don'ts and Fun Ideas!

A long time ago, a massively popular speaker and author posted a thought to Facebook, which garnered thousands of likes. He said that he was going to start a club of speakers who would refuse to talk if there was a Twitter screen behind him, stating “it is always train wreck”. For the most part in...read more

CrowdCompass VIP Admin Center Is a Time Saver for Planners

I’ve often wondered if studies could be done on the amount of time event planners spend on the back and forth emails and phone calls trying to get a speaker’s, exhibitor’s, or sponsor’s information in the right format. I’m sure you’re all familiar with those conversations. You: Hi, this is Sam from...read more

5 Easy Steps to Encourage Meeting Attendees to Use New Apps

If an association's or company's demographics fit a tech savvy profile, there it likely isn't too hard to encourage meeting attendees to use new apps. What if attendees aren't yet comfortable using apps? I have worked with companies that run the gamut from a high level of comfort to nervousness to...read more

Mobile: Secret Glue for Your Hybrid Meetings

Have you introduced a virtual element to a meeting? Maybe you’ve gone revolutionary and formed a hybrid hackfest where you have people from all over the world collaborating with your onsite developers? Or, perhaps, like most, you’ve done something a little safer and simply added a video stream of...read more

The Forgotten Mobile Event App User: Speakers

Trade shows and conferences can be so concerned about creating and promoting their mobile event apps for attendees that they can forget about one very important group of users: speakers. Speakers can be very instrumental in encouraging use of the app. Here’s an example. At a trade show educational...read more

Using Humor in Presentations

Industry professionals, who are not professional speakers, are often asked to present at meetings. It is not easy to be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people, particularly your peers. Turning to humor to lighten the mood is a natural reaction. Audiences typically enjoy a presentation...read more

Why Go Mobile Webinar: 5 Tips from an Event Planner

Our recent webinar, Why Go Mobile, focused on mobile trends you should bring back to your organization and its events. While we always have plenty to say on the topic of mobile apps for events, our guest speaker had an interesting story to share. Joe Ventimiglia is responsible for Checkers & Rally's...read more

CrowdCompass Launches a New e-Book — Mobile Apps for Events: Now it’s Personal

CrowdCompass by Cvent has had the privilege of working with thousands of events. During the last several years, they’ve watched as mobile devices became entwined with attendees’ daily lives. This has raised expectations as to how a mobile event app should enhance the event experience. They’ve...read more

MPI TechCon Chicago 2014: Takeaways from The Technology Challenge Keynote

The event game is dynamic, ever changing, and we all know sometimes it’s tough to keep pace. Meeting and event planners are under constant pressure to do more with less, be creative and stay in-tune with the latest industry trends and technologies. One thing is certain, the most successful planners...read more

Using a Mobile Event App to Deal with On-site Changes

Just when you thought you had everything buttoned down and ready to go for your conference or convention—aargh! Last-minute changes to meeting rooms, speakers or exhibitors occur. And then more changes come in on site. You’re starting to feel a little bit like the ancient Greek philosopher...read more
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