Why Go Mobile Webinar: 5 Tips from an Event Planner

Our recent webinar, Why Go Mobile, focused on mobile trends you should bring back to your organization and its events. While we always have plenty to say on the topic of mobile apps for events, our guest speaker had an interesting story to share. Joe Ventimiglia is responsible for Checkers & Rally's...read more

CrowdCompass Launches a New e-Book — Mobile Apps for Events: Now it’s Personal

CrowdCompass by Cvent has had the privilege of working with thousands of events. During the last several years, they’ve watched as mobile devices became entwined with attendees’ daily lives. This has raised expectations as to how a mobile event app should enhance the event experience. They’ve...read more

Why Going Mobile is Worth it

  Going mobile was a “no-brainer” for Jim Wurm and his event. The Exhibit & Event Marketers Association had their first meeting in 2012. It was also the first year they launched an event app. What’s even more remarkable is that they did not produce a printed conference guide. E2MA had a meeting app...read more

Impact of “Nose to the Smartphone” on Mobile Event Apps

Have you seen this while walking down the street or a trade show aisle? People walking while looking down at their smartphones. Inevitably, they’ll bump into someone or something, or even trip, due to being totally engrossed with what’s on the screen in their hand. (Admit it—you’re one of them!)...read more

Mobile Advertising Stats That’ll Make You (and Your Sponsors!) Go Hmm…

$8 billion. That’s how much is projected to be spent in 2013 on mobile ads, according to Advertising Age. While that may seem like a staggering amount, an even more impressive mobile ad spend stat is that the $8 billion represents a 75 percent growth in mobile ad spending. 75 percent! What’s causing...read more

Mobile Event Apps Go Back to School

When August and September roll around, dorms and campuses start filling up with returning students. While not technically an “event,” a mobile event app can be a useful tool during pre-semester registration and orientation. Since at least 76 percent of Millennials have a smartphone, here are some...read more

Facilitating Great Attendee Networking Can Help Sell Your Event

I don’t care if you have 50 attendees or 5,000. I don’t care if you have 5 exhibitors or 500. I love it when an event organizer makes it easy for me to network prior to and during the event. I’m not just talking about providing an attendee and exhibitor networking option on your mobile event app...read more

Should a Mobile Event App be Used for Virtual or Hybrid Events?

When trade show and conference planners think of a mobile event app, they usually think of using one for a physical face-to-face event. But what about using one for virtual or hybrid events? Useful? Or useless? As more and more associations and companies turn to completely virtual or hybrid...read more

Mobile App Metrics Are Way Better than Fifth Grade Math

“Oh, I can’t wait to spend hours pouring over the data and analytics from our event mobile app,” said no one ever. Let’s face it, for many event planners, post-event mobile app data is a no man’s (or woman’s) land, the place where downloads and click-throughs go to die. Yet, the data that comes from...read more

The Secret About Click-through Rates on Banner Ads

More and more event organizers are covering costs and even monetizing their event apps by selling banner advertising. Event organizers like this opportunity because it helps cover the cost of the app. Advertisers and sponsors like it because they can find out exactly how many people clicked on their...read more
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