3 Time Management Tips for the Busy Event Professional

You're busy enough already and, with the holidays coming sooner than we want to believe, we have to admit that things are piling up. How do we stay focused when life is so busy and our clients always manage to call us with changes at the last minute? We're balancing several clients at a time, more

3 Tech Mistakes Many #Eventprofs Make

When it comes to technology, there are a lot of places where things can go wrong, but there are also many things that can go right. It's all about understanding what it takes to successfully implement the tech you're using and having the right plan in place to execute. Even so, there are three more

Event Horror Stories: The Devil is in the Details

Our planner, Jenny, is about to experience perhaps the most chilling moment a person in her profession will ever face. So, it’s time to gather up your courage and watch the blood-curdling video below (peek through your fingers if you are faint of heart), and then read about solutions to more

Q&A from the Express Sneak Peek Webinar

Before the launch of Cvent Express, we let our Advocates take a sneak peek at this new, simplified event style, which yielded a great Q&A discussion at the end! I’m sure some of our readers have similar questions, so we’ve shared the Q&A below. If you have any questions about Cvent Express more

4 New Tools Any Event Planner Will Love

Event planners are some of the busiest (and most stressed) people in the world. We're balancing a million tasks and trying to brand our businesses, earn new clients and connect with future prospects all at the same time. And how do we do it all? With a little help from technology. Planners more

Creating a Buzz with Creative Event Marketing

Whether one is marketing a conference, an event planning business, or a product for a client, it's important to find strategies to rise above the crowd and grab the attention of prospective customers. Here are some creative approaches to marketing that can be used for product launches or to create more

Live-Streaming Apps: the Legalities

Periscope and Meerkat have caused quite a stir in recent months, as event organizers wonder whether these new apps, which give smart phone users the ability to live stream snippets of events, are a good thing or a bad thing.  RELATED: What You Need to Know About Periscope and Meerkat This more

Taxi-Sharing App Boosts Attendee Experiences and Trims Expenses

Some of my best event conversations happen while sharing a cab ride with a fellow attendee. My latest experience happened at Cvent CONNECT 2015. Twenty minutes of great conversation, we split the cost, and I was graced with a new and helpful contact to add to my network. In a prior post, more

Keeping Up With the Social Media Joneses

If you're an independent event planner or anyone who works with a brand, you probably rely heavily on social media for your business. You make connections, earn new clients, and find resources by using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. But every now and again, you feel the tide more

Designing Spousal Programs for Corporate Events

While most guests involved in spousal programs for corporate events are still female, the demographic is gradually shifting and there are more and more men in attendance. Coming up with gender neutral activities and activities that are appealing for men can be a challenge. Today, I'll provide a more
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