10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Event Planners

It's less than a week before Christmas and you still have a few gifts to pick up for an event or a client who has been really good to you. It's been almost a year to the day since I did a blog post with gift ideas. Not to worry, I have been saving the hottest gifts I've seen at tradeshows or more

Best of 2014: Top 5 Event Planning Articles by Liz King

As we near the end of 2014, I realize how much content we have produced over the course of the year. As I know you have been busy keeping up with your work and many other things in life, I thought I would curate my favorite posts from the year in case you've missed them. Here, in no more

Book Shelf: Advice & Strategy from Cvent

Cvent bloggers have often shared their favorite reference and business books to help planners with their overarching strategies, as well as with everyday dilemmas.  At Cvent, we're alwaying adding to our ebook library; recently, however, we issued several new ebooks across our product lines: more

Giving Thanks: 4 Things I'm Grateful For In The Event Industry

It's that time of year - time to reflect on all the wonderful things that we have to be grateful for. A time to remember our successes and think about all the things we love about our lives and careers. We'll get focused on resolutions in another month or so, but for now, we are all more

7 Tips for Encouraging Social Media Engagement During Your Event

Your event has begun and your attendees can't seem to share enough about it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and even Vine. They are posting pictures, conference tweeting, conversing and even arranging their own meet-ups with the help of your event hashtag. Brand advocates are also there, more

The Event Effect: It’s the ROI Businesses Should Care About

We’ve all been to tradeshows, attended in-person events and even participated in webinars or virtual conferences. Some of us are looking for that competitive edge that helps us in our careers or our business while others are looking to experience something new.   Millions of businesses invest more

OOPS! 3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Planning an Event

I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs. We are all about planning events, but I also love to work on a deeper level with entrepreneurs who are using live events to expand their brand or reach their target audience. Social media strategy, creating partnerships – these are the things that add more

10 Things to Consider in Your Digital Strategy

Marketers spend on average 2.5% of the total company revenue on digital marketing. In fact, more than 40% of marketers have plans on increasing their digital marketing spend in the coming year. Here is a list of 10 things to consider when developing your digital strategy.   Understand your more

Social Media Marketing Questions: Can a Brand Be Your Friend?

"ACME brand is a good friend of mine," said no one ever. This statement illustrates a huge problem that brands experience when trying to use social media for marketing. It wasn't so difficult when most people spent their free time passively watching, listening to, or reading content by way more

Bring Home the Bacon: Securing Strategic and Successful Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships are a critical component of any successful event. Ticket revenue can be unpredictable, but sponsorships are usually secured farther in advance and backed by larger companies. For an event planner, sponsors help reduce the risk of a successful event and companies are able to more
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