10 Productivity Apps for #Eventprofs

I am doing a session today at techsytalk LIVE about the 20+ productivity apps every event planner needs. And, for those of you who aren't able to attend, I thought I would share some of the resources here as well. Here are some of my favorite apps, but I'd love to learn about your favorites in more

Using Social Media to Engage at a Conference: My #WEC14 Experience

It's no secret that I am the crazy one on the Twitter feeds at an event. Yesterday, while attending MPI's WEC, I heard I was in the top 10 all day for most tweets, most engagement, top topics and most pics shared. I actually didn't even know until the day was over. Why? Because that wasn't my more

Content Management Apps for Busy #Eventprofs

If you're an event planner, there are a few things I know about you. I know you are incredibly organized, see things in the big picture and the small details and you're incredibly busy. Am I right so far? If you're like many of us, your office is overflowing with papers and your social more

10 Task Management Apps You'll Want to Try

Looking to save time and be more efficient? What event planner isn't? Finding the right task management tool for your organization can be one of the most important ways of streamlining your work, but there isn't a one size-fits-all product out there. The way your organization works is unique more

4 Ways to Help Your Attendees Stayed Charged

I don't know about you, but the thought of going anyplace without my phone gives me the shakes. More than that, I stress about the battery life of my phone. How many hours can I get out of it? Where are all of the available charging stations? I'm someone who takes advantage of e-tickets for more

3 Tips for Successfully Integrating Multiple Event Tech Products at Your Next Event

For those event planners who have started to really embrace technology, we find that there are too many products we are using. There's our mobile app company and the registration company. We have a badging vendor and an online networking vendor. Our heads are spinning because we are managing more

What Event Planners Can Learn from the World Cup

Whether you call it soccer or futbol, whether you’ve grown up with the game or recently became a new fan, whether you’ve been following every match or only know it’s on because you’ve heard coworkers shouting and cheering (silently of course) from their desks, this year’s World Cup is hard more

There’s an App for That: Springs Beer Fest, Colorado Springs

Craft beers are Colorado’s claim to fame, and for good reason. The water is pure, the craft beer movement started there in 1979, and regulations are friendly to small brewers. Which is why more than 45 brewers of craft beers will be pouring unlimited samples of their artisanal suds for those more

Conference Content Marketing: A Few Basic Tips for Measuring Your Success

Content marketing is best done with long term goals in mind.  It is a process whereby a potential attendee gets to know, like and trust  your brand enough over time that when the registration window opens, he or she is eager to pay the price. But outside of those precious registrations, how do more

Help Your Event Go Viral - Create a SHARE Page

When your event date and venue have been set, it's time to start spreading the word. You set up your registration page, share it with some friends and hope the ticket sales start rolling in. But there is one thing you could be doing to help make sure that your event is super-shareable. Create more
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