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Traci Browne, a respected trade show industry thought leader, has worked in the field for more than fifteen years as a tradeshow marketer and conference/expo organizer. Browne writes on trade show marketing for industry publications throughout the US, UK, and Canada and is the author of "The Social Trade Show" published by QUE. She also writes content for several private and public corporations and is a featured contributor for Business 2 Community.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Best Smartphone Battery Hacks

How familiar does this scenario sound? You’ve been using your smartphone as your own personal DJ during the first leg of your flight. The plane begins its decent. You look down at your phone and see a red battery bar. You panic because, being the jet-setter you are, you are using a mobile more

3 Ways To Add Instagramable Moments To Your Event

In an earlier post, we looked at the social media platforms currently being used by our next generation of attendees. Knowing about these platforms is valuable to the event organizer. Knowing how people are using these platforms is equally important. Few event organizers have the resources to more

Are You Hip Enough To Attract a Younger Audience?

Attracting a younger generation to your conferences and events is not as simple as culling through stock photo sites for a younger, fresher face to add to your event marketing. Saying your event is hip and appealing to a younger generation does not make it so. Getting out the right message to more

Creating Attendee Personas As Part of Your Digital Strategy

Before you consider incorporating digital initiatives into your events, you need to strategize. Part of your strategy should include attendee personas. A persona is similar to an author’s character sketch. Picture a typical member of one segment of your audience and then create a brief more

Capture Attention By Mixing Up Your Digital Content tracked 470 volunteers for a month to see just how they were using their smartphones and tablets. According to its data, 27% of smartphone users were visiting YouTube and a whopping 73% of tablet users were visiting that same site. In Just Media’s October article “Podcasting Is more

Are Incomplete Exhibitor and Sponsor Profiles Driving You Crazy?

Just about every event producer I know laments the fact that it is difficult to get their sponsors and exhibitors to complete their online profiles properly. Technology has made it possible for your exhibitors and sponsors to not only upload a company description, but they can also upload more

CrowdCompass VIP Admin Center Is a Time Saver for Planners

I’ve often wondered if studies could be done on the amount of time event planners spend on the back and forth emails and phone calls trying to get a speaker’s, exhibitor’s, or sponsor’s information in the right format. I’m sure you’re all familiar with those conversations. You: Hi, this is Sam more

Don’t Assume Digital is Intuitive

I recently found myself saying to someone, "Do you really need a help desk at your event to assist people with your event app? Doesn’t everyone just know how to use these now?" The fact is, whether or not you need a help desk depends on your audience and the intuitiveness of your app. How easy is more

Do You Need an Event App Privacy Policy?

In December of 2012, the California Attorney General sued Delta Air Lines for failing to “conspicuously post a privacy policy in its Fly Delta app” and failing to comply with its own website privacy policy. Luckily for Delta, that case was eventually dismissed; however, according to the more

Four Tips for Shooting Better Video with Your Smartphone

We’ve all heard the advice, "show, don’t tell.” It’s very good advice when it comes to marketing your event. Video is a great way to show attendees, sponsors and speakers just how great your events are. Show them what they will miss out on by not participating in the next one.If you have the more
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