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Traci Browne, a respected trade show industry thought leader, has worked in the field for more than fifteen years as a tradeshow marketer and conference/expo organizer. Browne writes on trade show marketing for industry publications throughout the US, UK, and Canada and is the author of "The Social Trade Show" published by QUE. She also writes content for several private and public corporations and is a featured contributor for Business 2 Community.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

CrowdCompass Launches a New e-Book — Mobile Apps for Events: Now it’s Personal

CrowdCompass by Cvent has had the privilege of working with thousands of events. During the last several years, they’ve watched as mobile devices became entwined with attendees’ daily lives. This has raised expectations as to how a mobile event app should enhance the event experience. They’ more

How to Personalize Your Event Marketing for Mobile Device Users

I recently read Michael Brenner’s article titled “The Secret To A Better Customer Experience” , and it got me thinking. In the article, Brenner talks about how SAP personalizes their banner ad click-through experience. Instead of clicking on a banner and being “blindly taken to our corporate more

2014 is the Year of Customer Experience

According to Econsultancy’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2014 Digital Trends in association with Adobe, “Customer Experience (CX) is the single most exciting opportunity for 2014.”Mobile plays a huge role in customer experience for the event planner. As an event planner, you have more

Disruptive Technology is Not an Event Planner’s Enemy

This idea of disruptive technology has been knocking around in my head for a while now. Clayton M. Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, coined the term to describe a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology. I tend to be a bit skeptical of new terms as more

Understanding Nomophobia and How It Affects Your Attendees

Forget food allergies— they were so 2013. The newest worrying trend for meeting planners is Nomophobia.Nomophobia (also known as No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia) is an overwhelming fear of being out of contact through one's mobile phone. While nomophobia may not be listed in the American more

What You Can Learn from NASA About Live-Streaming Your Event for Mobile Attendees

An association that I am a member of is having its annual conference this summer. I would love to go, but I can’t. It’s not in the budget, and I have another event I must attend. They will be live-streaming the keynotes, and if I can view it on my mobile device, I will probably watch them. I more

What is Localizing Your Event App and Why is it Important?

If you are looking to draw an international audience to your event, you may want to consider localizing your event app. For the purpose of this article, let’s use the broader definition of localization, not the app programming definition. What is localization? Myriam Siftar, President of more

Five Mobile Apps Every Meeting Planner Needs During Site Selection

If you’re like me you’ve got way too many apps on your smartphones already. But hear me out—sometimes an app really can make your life easier. Here are five apps you’ll come to love when you’re in the midst of site selection frenzy. AroundMe – How many times have you been looking at a venue for more

It's Time to Embrace Your Inner Geek

Event planners are in a perfect position to advance their careers like no other time before. In this age where technology is changing at unforeseen rates, you have the opportunity to become indispensable to your organization. And all it takes is an understanding of technology.It’s no longer more

Five Steps to Optimize Your Email for Mobile Devices

In August, I talked about optimizing your event website for mobile devices. Today I’d like to talk about doing the same thing for your email marketing.TopRankBlog reports 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. Chances are pretty good that you’re using email to market your more
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