SPINning a New Benefit

The Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN) has announced Virtual Mastermind Groups, which will allow planners spread across the country (or maybe the world?) to discuss shared issues via videoconferencing. This should help senior-level planners get the support and education that can often be a challenge to find. SPIN Mastermind Groups

As SPIN puts it, these mastermind groups will serve as a personal Board of Advisors, helping members set and achieve goals via candid advice, accountability and privacy.

In addition, “The SPIN Masterminds program will arrange groups of four to seven members who all share the same challenge or goal… members meet via video chat, so that you can ‘meet’ with your group even if you’re on the road.”

For Elite SPIN Members, the Mastermind groups are complimentary. For other membership levels, there is a minimal cost involved.

Some of the upcoming sessions include groups for corporate planners, government planners, association planners, pharma planners and independent planners. Topics for some sessions cover in-transition support, goal setting, evolving from logistics to strategy and conference design strategy.

The actual process seems fairly straightforward. You sign up at SPIN, after which the SPIN staff matches groups accordingly. They help set up a time for the session, create a private group toolkit, provide a private video conference system, give access to a dropbox (for sending documents to the group) and, finally, a SPIN staffer facilitates the first group session to help set goals and objectives and deal with technical issues.

SPIN is for planners with at least 10 years of experience. 

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