Top 12 Mobile Marketing Lessons from Tim Hayden

Top 12 Mobile Marketing TipsAll of Your Marketing is Mobile, You Just Don’t Know it…Yet. That’s the presentation Tim Hayden, the SVP of Mobile Strategy for Edelman Digital, gave at today’s virtual event: The Best of B2B Marketing Forum.

1. Like social media, mobile should not be departmentalized. Both transcend across the brand.

2. Social media is big. But, mobile is bigger. It plays a part in our daily lives: home, work, store, and play.

3. In fact, 90% of us are never more than 3’ away from our phones. From a business perspective, you’re 3’ away from your audience 24/7.

4. Mobile goes places where laptops and desktops can’t. Tablets are still seen as “lean back” behavior. They're what you crawl on the couch with.

5. Smartphones are for “on the go” behavior. We take them everywhere. And we don’t stare at them like we do desktops. We glance and we go.

6. Smartphones are social devices. Texting is the most popular thing we do peer-to-peer. There’s nothing more direct or personal.

7. Offline ad exposure leads to mobile search. We use our smartphones to search for answers to our questions and to help us make decisions. It’s our personal info kiosk. And our tour guide.

8. You need to make things simpler for your audience. It’s a missed opportunity if you’re making people look deeper for the relevant information. They may not look harder than where they are at that minute.

9. Most people don’t care about your PR or your board of execs when they’re on their mobile device. If they don’t have a pleasant and painless experience with your website, they’re going to leave—and they may not come back.

10. Facebook knows that more and more people are interacting with photo-based apps like Instagram and Path. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why your pictures are now bigger on Facebook. They want to keep you engaged.

11. Mobile gives us a better and immediate way to share our experiences in life. But people are now expecting faster reaction times. The average social media user expects a response within 60 minutes. The immediacy of mobile makes us expect things to be there when we need them.

12. You have a responsibility as a marketer to educate your audience. If you’re going to introduce a new technology (like QR codes), you need to show them how to use it and what to expect.

If you want more info on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, check out the free eBook on Mobile App Marketing by CrowdCompass.

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