Safe meetings and events

In-person Event Best Practices: Tips for a Safe Event Experience

While the world has changed, things will start returning to a new normal at some point. When they do, meeting and event planners will face new, but not insurmountable challenges. The value of in-person events is undeniable. While virtual events have taken over, they don’t offer the same benefits as face-to-face interaction. As in-person events

Sourcing for Safe events

Finding Venues in a Post-Pandemic World and RFP Tips

Finding a venue that can accommodate safe meetings or events will be a priority in the coming future. While your organisation may be focused on virtual events at this moment in time, hospitality, including venues and hotels, is in the process of reopening across the world. Will in-person events resume? Its unlikely that events will

Social Distancing

Event planning for the “new normal” – 6 things to consider

Unexpected. Unprecedented. For meeting and event planners, 2020 has been unlike any other year. I bet you have never heard the word “pivot” so much in your life unless you’re an avid Friends fan. While you plan every day for the unknown, the world as you once knew it has been met with cancellation, re-scheduling,

Virtual tours hotels

How to Source the Perfect Venue With Virtual Tours

In-person visits to hotels are off-limits for time being, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect venue for your future in-person events. How is that possible? With virtual tours and diagramming tools. We’re all a little frustrated. Our jobs and lives have transformed over-night and we’re doing what we can to make

Collaborate & Communicate Better with Cvent Community

With the recent push towards virtual, the Cvent Community offers even more content, resources, and training to help support you during this challenging time. The Community now provides even more scalable solutions, delivering exponential value through networking opportunities, expert-led sessions, tips and tricks, and live meet-ups. Constructing a sense of community and belonging with other

Make the most of attending virtual events

How to Get the Most from Attending Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented change in how the world operates today. With self-isolation and remote working becoming commonplace, perhaps the most pronounced shift has been in how people meet and how events happen. Now that physical gatherings are on hold, organisations are moving fast to cancel, postpone or reschedule their in-person events.

Virtual Event Sponsorship

Everything You Wanted to Know About Virtual Event Sponsorship

By Madison Layman Creating an event sponsorship package and finding event sponsors is a key part of meeting and event planning. Increasing your sponsorship money is the quickest way to impact your bottom line. But, how does sponsorship change for virtual events? While in-person events have sponsorship down to a science, virtual events cannot rely

Successful virtual events

7 Things You Should Do to Create Successful Virtual Events

The world as we know has changed dramatically over the past few months. Work environments have shifted to homes, business travel has bottomed out, and organisations have found themselves wondering how to avoid cancelling events. More and more, when faced with the event crisis management choices of cancel, postpone or virtualise, event organisers are opting

Looking forwards

Maximising Downtime: Looking Back & Planning for Future Events

By Laura Ambrosy People underestimate how busy the life of a meeting planner can be, often jumping from one event to the next with little time to debrief past events and get organised for future events. With so many different events, it can be challenging to remember what worked and what didn’t work for each.