5 Event Tech Items That Won’t Blow Your Budget

Event technology has been evolving ever since it entered the business. Over the time, it has also raised attendees’ expectations and fulfilling attendee expectations is an event organiser’s most...

Salesforce Integration

Utilising Salesforce Integration to Grow Your Events

“Events are all about closing deals. It’s also the best way to get out there and show people what we’re about” – Scott Owens, Salesforce As an event planner (and therefore marketer!), you know the importance of connecting leads from your event to your company’s Customer Relationship Management tool. This allows your sales team to quickly

Here’s how to simplify event planning process

What if you had to host various events for key stakeholders – and you manually updated data in systems that handled registrations, check-ins and event mobile app creation? Or maybe you’ve got other time-consuming event planning tasks that needs to be taken care of? That was the reality for the event manager Tania Goodacre at

Q&A: How to Double Down on your Event App Downloads

The #1 thing we hear from event planners is that they want more attendees to download and use their mobile app at their event. But they don’t know how to create an app adoption strategy that will work for their event or audience. In one of our webinars, our in-house mobile experts teamed up with

Event Tech – Planner’s Secret Weapon

Events do not happen just like that – there is more to it than meets the eye. As a person working in the event planning industry, I always seek to better understand the needs of event planners. And this time around I was fortunate to shadow a friend who was planning an event for her