10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Conference Venue

When you’re busy searching for a conference location that meets all your criteria, it’s easy to get caught up in minor details and overlook something critical for your meeting’s...

Cvent-AuSAE Webinar - The Power of Personalisation

[Webinar] The Power of Personalisation

The days of cookie-cutter events are long gone. Attendees want a unique and individualised experience — one that fits them perfectly. But how do you personalise an event for hundreds or thousands of attendees? It’s easier than you might think — all you need is the right data and automation. In our latest webinar The Power of Personalisation,

5 Ways Technology Can Help Event Planners In The Higher Education Sector

As with any sector, higher education institutions have their own set of objectives aligned with their events. From increasing donations and engaging alumni, to improving student outreach and building the university’s reputation, event planners in the education industry need to make sure that their event program (and the technology behind it) supports these objectives. Here

Get Back to Basics: Rediscover the Joys of Event Tech

Living in a digital world has made it easier than ever before to meet people and conduct business virtually. However, despite this, face-to-face interactions continue to be the most effective way to connect with others. For proof, just look at the growth and investment in the event marketing industry. It has become increasingly important for

Negotiating with Hotels When Sourcing Your Event Venue

What negotiating with hotels boils down to – is the synchronised value – in other words, you have what they want (occupied guest rooms, meeting space and food and beverage revenue), and they have what you want (a great hotel at a desirable location). If possible, do your negotiations in person or via a video

Association Event

Guide To Planning A Stress-Free Event: Association Edition

The event planner life isn’t easy. Working within your budget to create an event that will further your association’s mission and inspire members to renew membership is stressful. After hour 139 on site, when you can no longer ignore the pain in your feet and the badges won’t print, the stress can be enough to

Evaluating Hotel Proposals When Sourcing Your Venue

Evaluating hotel proposals is a time-consuming and multi-step process. On top of being fair to all concerned, it is important to remember that the destination, convention centre and hotel(s) are going to play a very big part in the overall success of your event. Create an Assessment Criteria Spreadsheet Before the first proposal hits your

The Business of Events

The Business of Events: Get to Know Your Attendees a Little Better

When it comes to attendee data, would you classify your organisation’s events as a goldmine or a landmine? For many marketers, it could go either way. As far as conference, meeting, or tradeshow data is concerned, even the best marketers have little or no insight about their attendee data beyond a post-event survey. But as

What’s Hot: Sizzling New Event Venue Trends in 2019

When it comes to your events, you need to find the perfect venue. After all, the event venue can be one of the reasons attendees choose to register for your event. From unique locations, to cool spaces, 2019 brings new venue trends. When picking a venue, there’s a never-ending list of logistical and budgetary concerns


7 Things to Tweet When You Run Out of Inspiration

Every now and then we all experience a little writer’s block. The other day I frustratingly typed “help me write” into the Spotify search bar, hoping it would give me a playlist that would break down my mental walls. Thankfully it did! Apparently, I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s pretty normal to