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Meetings and events have come a long way from what it was a decade ago. With event landscape changing rapidly, it is imperative for event planners to re-invent their...

Types of Survey Designs

Survey Basics: Types of Survey Designs

The vast majority of survey research projects are studies at a single point in time of a specified population, such as employees, customers or the general public.  Fewer web survey designs track opinions over time.  This post outlines the different types of surveys carried out by researchers. Point-in-time surveys are called cross-sectional studies. They study a single population

Salesforce Integration

Utilising Salesforce Integration to Grow Your Events

“Events are all about closing deals. It’s also the best way to get out there and show people what we’re about” – Scott Owens, Salesforce As an event planner (and therefore marketer!), you know the importance of connecting leads from your event to your company’s Customer Relationship Management tool. This allows your sales team to quickly

Big Results from Big Data

Big Results from Big Data

There’s a lot you can learn by tracking an event attendee: details about his/her company and career, the products that most excited her, her favourite breakout sessions, her social media activity, and even questions she asked of presenters. Now multiply that data by the hundreds or thousands of attendees at your event — and suddenly,

Consumer Market Research Questions

Top 20 Consumer Market Research Questions

In today’s competitive landscape, it becomes important to have apt knowledge about the concerns and preferences of your customers. Understanding these factors much in advance is a good way to boost customer satisfaction. This process of collecting data to determine whether a particular product or service will satiate the needs of the customers is called

Social Media Marketing

Make More ‘Friends’ For Your Event – on Facebook

Facebook is often the first social media stop for most businesses — probably because it has the largest base of personal users (1.94 billion monthly active users worldwide as of March 2017, according to Facebook). Facebook is all about relationships — whether you’re unearthing new customers/members/attendees or deepening and continuing relationships with existing ones. Your

Event Gaming Success

3 Principles for Event Gaming Success

As an event manager, it is often challenging to deliver an amazing onsite experience. And while there may be mobile apps to engage attendees with live Q&A and polling, Event Gamification has become one of the hottest topics in the events industry. I assume by now you have formed an opinion about it. But before

ICC Sydney: A World Class MICE Venue

Australia’s global city, Sydney is the business hub of the entire Asia Pacific region. With beautiful harbour setting, world-class infrastructure, convenient transport facilities, comfortable climate condition, top-class culinary and cultural delights on offer, different calendar of sporting and cultural events and friendly locals, Sydney makes for a perfect destination for holding a business event. Ranked as


Event Planning Checklists: Avoid Last Minute Crisis at Your Event

The stage is set, your agenda is prepared and sent out to all the registrants. You’re ready to get the ball rolling… or are you? You cannot be sure about the success of your event before it is over. Last minute crisis can leave you helpless and you certainly don’t want to fiddle while Rome

Cvent's Second Annual Global Event Industry Benchmarks Study

[Infographic] Benchmark your events for better ROI

Growing the ROI of your events amidst increasing competition has become more challenging than ever. One of the key ways to tackle this challenge is by benchmarking your events’ performance with others in the industry. Equipped with valuable insights, you can identify the gaps and take more strategic decisions that can provide your organisation a