The Event Organisers’ AIM(E): Event Management Software

There is no denying that event planning industry has exponentially evolved from the paper-based systems of the late 1990’s. Today, event technology continues to disrupt and improve the way we plan events. The advent of online event management software has made it easier for companies to engage with customers, partners and employees. Event tech makes

Event Tech – Planner’s Secret Weapon

Events do not happen just like that – there is more to it than meets the eye. As a person working in the event planning industry, I always seek to better understand the needs of event planners. And this time around I was fortunate to shadow a friend who was planning an event for her

5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

If you are reading this blog, it probably means that you are considering email marketing as a way to reach out to your attendees. Email marketing has become a very popular mode of promoting events and engaging attendees. Here are a few tips that can make all the difference between an average email campaign and

Planners, Stress Management is Equally Important!

There are two things that all event planners must know how to manage: events and stress levels. Event management is a demanding job that takes a physical and mental toll on the planners, who have to constantly work under high pressure to meet tight deadlines. No wonder a career as an event professional has been

Best Practices To Create An Exciting Event Landing Page

It is a truth universally acknowledged that your event landing page is the face of your event. Whilst a lot of thought, time and effort go into event planning, a lot of planners don’t do the same while creating an event registration page. It would certainly be a bummer to have burnt the midnight oil

Make Future Events Better with Post-Event Surveys

So much work goes into planning and executing a successful event. With all the effort of finding venues, marketing the event, collecting RSVPs, managing event logistics and putting out fires during the event itself, all you want to do after the last attendee leaves is finally get some rest – but don’t stop just yet!

Top 6 Event Marketing Tips to Boost Event Attendance

Increasing event attendance and proving the ROI is a dream come true for every event organiser. After weeks and months of hard work to put the event together, a massive attendance is a huge validation. It’s an incredible feat to accomplish when you’re juggling so many things in the event planning processes. But all this