Salesforce Integration

Utilising Salesforce Integration to Grow Your Events

“Events are all about closing deals. It’s also the best way to get out there and show people what we’re about” – Scott Owens, Salesforce As an event planner (and therefore marketer!), you know the importance of connecting leads from your event to your company’s Customer Relationship Management tool. This allows your sales team to quickly

Big Results from Big Data

Big Results from Big Data

There’s a lot you can learn by tracking an event attendee: details about his/her company and career, the products that most excited her, her favourite breakout sessions, her social media activity, and even questions she asked of presenters. Now multiply that data by the hundreds or thousands of attendees at your event — and suddenly,

Cheat sheet: Easy way to calculate event ROI

One of the main objectives for event planners is to measure the return on investment of their events in a constant effort to improve their events and lower the cost. But ROI calculation is more than simply a measurement system; it’s a strategy that calls for changes in business processes to get the maximum returns.