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The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with Cvent Flex

Cvent is always adding new features and enhancing existing products to help event organizers plan and manage their events with ease. Arguably the largest example of this evolution is the migration from Classic to Flex events. Flex is the next-generation event type in the event management tool that completely reimagines the way you build and

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Catch What You Missed: 2020 Flex Updates

Let’s take a moment to walk through New Standard Registration (Flex) highlights you may have missed over the past few months. Latest Hot Feature Releases Our product teams are continuously hard at work building additional functionality in Flex to not only make it match the features in Classic, but to take Cvent Event Management to

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15 Awesome Things You Can Only Do in Flex Events

New Standard Registration (Flex) is a complete re-envisioning of the way you build and design your websites and registration processes compared to Classic. There are a lot of cool features, tools, and tricks in Flex you may not already know. Check them out below. 1. Easily use the WYSIWYG Site Designer WYSIWYG stands for What You

Cvent Flex

Why You Should Choose Flex When Going Virtual

The meetings and events industry has seen a quick pivot to virtual events, and your event website and registration process are now more valuable components than ever! No matter how you may be leveraging New Standard Registration (Flex) events when going virtual, there are multiple reasons why you’ll want to make sure you’re launching in Flex

Collaborate & Communicate Better with the Cvent Community

With the recent push towards virtual, the Cvent Community forum has been updated with more content, resources, and training to help support you during this challenging time. The Community now provides even more scalable solutions, delivering exponential value through networking opportunities, expert-led sessions, tips and tricks, and live meet-ups. Constructing a sense of community and

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Cost-Saving Ideas for Hotels: 6 Simple Changes to Make

There is no denying the fact that the travel and hospitality industry has been immensely affected by COVID-19’s economic impact. With revenues dwindling or coming to a standstill, it’s important to keep costs to a minimum. In these challenging times, hotels must stay prepared with a well-managed strategy. Thus, it’s crucial that hotels focus on

5 Must-Do Activities at AIME This Year

If you’ve clicked on this blog, then I’m sure you already know about the Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event (AIME). For the ones who are unsure what AIME is, it is basically the mecca for meeting and event professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Every year, industry decision-makers come to this event held in Melbourne

Cvent Celebrity Hall of Fame Awards, 2019

Welcoming 2020 and reflecting on 2019 in Cvent Celebrity It’s been an incredible year for Cvent Celebrity, Cvent’s customer loyalty programme. In 2019, Cvent Celebrity welcomed over 3,000 new members from the meetings and hospitality industries taking the total number of Celebrities to over 7,700. Cvent Celebrity is designed to educate, connect and celebrate Cvent