7 Things to Tweet When You Run Out of Inspiration

Every now and then we all experience a little writer’s block. The other day I frustratingly typed “help me write” into the Spotify search bar, hoping it would give me a playlist that would break down my mental walls. Thankfully it did! Apparently, I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s pretty normal to

Social Media Marketing

Make More ‘Friends’ For Your Event – on Facebook

Facebook is often the first social media stop for most businesses — probably because it has the largest base of personal users (1.94 billion monthly active users worldwide as of March 2017, according to Facebook). Facebook is all about relationships — whether you’re unearthing new customers/members/attendees or deepening and continuing relationships with existing ones. Your

10 Reasons Why Planners Need Social Media Strategy for Events

There is so much happening with social media today; it is almost overwhelming. As social sites rapidly grow and evolve, it’s increasingly difficult for the average person to really wrap their head around social media and process what it all means. This is how it’d have felt when new mediums like TV and radio came

Twitter live stream

Set Up a Twitter Live Stream at Your Next Conference

Many of us are always plugged in, and research from marketing agency Tecmark even suggests that the average smartphone user looks at their phone over 200 times a day. That’s a staggering number. And what is a tonne of that usage focussed on? You guessed it: Social Media. A Social World Over 500 million tweets