Meetings and Events Trends for 2021

This past year has changed the way we look at events. From the rapid shift from in-person events to virtual as the pandemic took hold to the forward-looking move...

How Hotels Can Craft a COVID-19 Communications Plan

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. In the current downturn, hoteliers are having to deal with contingencies on a scale they’ve never encountered before. With a constantly shifting environment as the situation evolves, it can be hard to stay ahead of the game and on top of the details. During a crisis or emergency situation, how you respond

How Hotels Are Helping Employees, Guests During COVID-19

Times may be tough, but they’ve brought us all together in unexpected ways. As we forge ahead, let’s be mindful of the good deeds and helping hands that will get us through this downturn. In this blog, we’ve tried to highlight how some hotels are going above and beyond for their employees and their guests during the COVID-19

What’s Hot: Sizzling New Event Venue Trends in 2019

When it comes to your events, you need to find the perfect venue. After all, the event venue can be one of the reasons attendees choose to register for your event. From unique locations, to cool spaces, 2019 brings new venue trends. When picking a venue, there’s a never-ending list of logistical and budgetary concerns

Best Practice Tips and Trends: Own Your MICE Business

Hotels and venues looking to capitalise on the thriving MICE travel market should look for specific ways to spotlight the unique character of their property, the local area, and the overall event experience. To make that happen, be sure to tap into the wants and needs of planners and craft packages that work for their

4 Ways Hoteliers Can Maximise ROI from Trade Shows

We all know the importance of face-to-face meetings, and how they result in building meaningful relationships with prospects. This is why trade shows have been an integral component of B2B marketing plans, including hotel industry. By exhibiting at trade shows like AIME (Asia Pacific Incentives Meetings Event), Travel Xpo Melbourne etc., hoteliers can meet qualified

New Hotel Technology on the Horizon in 2019 and Beyond

Innovation can revolutionise an industry, and hospitality organisations have experienced many waves of new hotel technology. After adapting to key cards, onsite audio-visual equipment, online reservations, event management tools, robots, and much more, hotels are continuing to incorporate cutting-edge technology. Here are the four technology innovations that are on the horizon or are available but not widely

2018 Highlights: Top 10 MICE Destinations in the Asia-Pacific Region

As we’re all set to welcome the new year, it’s time to take a few minutes and reflect back on the highlights of the past year. 2018 witnessed some of the biggest MICE events and was overall a great year for the entire industry. Some of the greatest events, specific to the Asia-Pacific region, include