Get Back to Basics: Rediscover the Joys of Event Tech

Living in a digital world has made it easier than ever before to meet people and conduct business virtually. However, despite this, face-to-face interactions continue to be the most effective way to connect with others. For proof, just look at the growth and investment in the event marketing industry. It has become increasingly important for organisations to ensure that their money is invested wisely on the right tools that will help maximise their ability to build stronger relationships and improve overall ROI.

Event success is no longer just about the execution; it’s about the experience they offer and the returns they get. Therefore it’s no surprise that the way events are being planned are changing. The processes that planners used to rely on are evolving and becoming more complex. While stuck manually deduping data in excel or printing out hundreds of paper agendas, you’ve probably thought – there must be an easier way to do this. There is … with Event Management Technology.

It’s simple. We rely on technology for almost everything. If you don’t know an answer, you Google it. If you want to know where your friends are, you message them. Curious on how your social media post is performing? Check the analytics. You need more toilet paper ASAP? Order it on Amazon Prime! No matter what the problem, there’s a technology built to solve it. So why wouldn’t there be technology for event management?

Cvent, in partnership with the New Zealand Events Association (NZEA), is hosting a webinar to go back to basics and rediscover the merits of event tech. Join us to understand how exactly ‘event management technology’ can help simplify life for event planners and how this technology plays a part in every stage of the event lifecycle. Uncover different strategies that will help elevate your events to new heights and give your attendees a memorable, world-class experience.

Webinar – Back to Basics: Event Management Technology

On: Thursday, 4 July
At: 2PM (NZST) / 12PM (AEST)



Written by Amrutha Sarayu