More than Surveys: How to Gather Key Data Onsite at Your Events

In the digital age, it has become very easy for marketers to know just about everything their prospects and customers are doing on their website and other digital channels. However, despite live events providing some of the most valuable prospect and customer insights, many marketers aren’t taking advantage of all the great intel gathered during their organisation’s conferences, meetings and tradeshows. What they don’t seem to be aware of is that with the right technology it’s really easy to do.

If you think your events are “offline” channels and therefore can’t track data the same way, think again. Event management software was built with marketers in mind, giving you a single platform to capture event and attendee data so you can measure and optimise your live events.

Here’s how you can get started.

Digitise Your Live Event Channel

Your live events are a mainstay of your marketing strategies, and when it comes to capturing attendee data, there’s little debate left about the right or wrong way of doing things. Relying on disparate point solutions and manual processes only leads to wasted effort, lost time, and unreliable data. On the other hand, the right event management technology helps you capture the information you need the most in a single platform that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing tech stack — giving you the data you need to plan and build effective marketing campaigns that will deliver bottom-line results and prove your impact on the sales pipeline.

Your Live Event Attendees are a Data Goldmine. Are You Listening? 

Being generic is a marketer’s hamartia. To attract, persuade and monetise your audience in a noisy marketplace, you must understand what they want when they want it. Live events are a data goldmine: you get to see interest and buying signals everywhere in the form of sessions attended, time spent at product stalls, session feedback, appointments, etc. The right event technology can capture all these critical interactions in an instant. And when event attendee data is combined with their touchpoints from your other marketing channels, you’ll get a fuller, richer picture of your prospects and customers than you ever thought possible. 

Your best chance at getting a solid return on your events (ROE) is to take advantage of technology solutions that support end-to-end planning, attendance, execution, and follow-up elements of your events – event management technology helps you cast a wide net over your data, and help distil it in actionable ways, setting you on the path to success. Tracking the entire customer journey, capturing key data points and housing a treasure trove of information — including a complete contact history, attendance tracking, and more behavioural data — provides marketers a holistic set of event data, and enables them to document what is successful and illustrate the impact their marketing efforts are having on events.


By leveraging event technology, you can gather key insights from pre-event campaigns, onsite attendee behaviour and post event surveys to make informed marketing decisions and set the stage for growth-oriented marketing strategies that will help you increase the value of your events.

Written by Amrutha Sarayu