The Event Organisers’ AIM(E): Event Management Software

There is no denying that event planning industry has exponentially evolved from the paper-based systems of the late 1990’s. Today, event technology continues to disrupt and improve the way we plan events. The advent of online event management software has made it easier for companies to engage with customers, partners and employees. Event tech makes story telling unique and refreshing for delegates. Add to it, even the least tech-savvy attendees have started embracing and expecting technology at events.

For instance, let’s take a glance at online registration systems. It has automated most of our tasks and provided an innovative way to communicate our messages. The event registration website is an important way to convey the message of our event long before it has even started. Email marketing is also a very powerful tool to deliver impactful messages to prospects if used correctly. And how can we forget social media. Linking the tailored event websites to social networking websites can spread the message to an even larger audience. And of course, the power of feedback and reaction on these sites is priceless!

Event management software is readily available these days and makes the experience better for both the delegates and event planners alike. At the same time, it makes it critical for planners to keep themselves updated and continue to offer attendees the elevated experience they’re expecting. With the event technology industry expected to be $9.28 billion by 2020, how are event planners getting smarter in utilising integrated tool sets for their events? Furthermore, what does the future hold for event planning and marketing? To know the answers, visit Cvent at AIME 2017 or attend our session on the winds of change that are sweeping the events industry. It will help even the least technology-savvy planners learn about how event technology is changing the future of meetings and events as well as challenge the most-forward thinking planners with ideas to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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Written by Medha Bhatt