Utilising Salesforce Integration to Grow Your Events

“Events are all about closing deals. It’s also the best way to get out there and show people what we’re about” – Scott Owens, Salesforce

As an event planner (and therefore marketer!), you know the importance of connecting leads from your event to your company’s Customer Relationship Management tool. This allows your sales team to quickly follow up on those warm leads at your event – in turn, proving your event ROI.

Some event planners wonder what metrics to track, what counts as Return on Investment for events, and just how to make it all come full circle. We gathered data from Salesforce to give you the full breakdown and created top tips on how to utilise Salesforce integration at your events:

Marketing metrics tracked in CRM to gauge event success:  

  1. Campaign-Influenced Bookings
  2. Campaign-Influenced Renewals
  3. Lift in NPS score
  4. Spikes in Product Usage post-event

How do you make that attendee data meaningful?

  1. Tag sponsors and sessions with the same themes you got from attendee registration (“trip” data) information – then scan attendees into sessions and at booths to track their movement, using it to score their propensity to become a customer
  2. Record engagement: If someone stops by your booth to get a swag, they’re a Marketing Captured Lead. If someone stops by your booth to get a demo, they’re considered a warm lead, or a Marketing Qualified Lead.
  3. Use the “trip” data from registration to inform your email list segmentation

Advice for planners to get more value for their company:

  1. Help your event sponsors monetise value through reporting.
  2. Have a plan for your data, and map it out to make it actionable and valuable.
  3. Agree on KPIs with leadership team ahead of time, and how you measure them.


Written by Medha Bhatt