How the Royal Cliff Hotels Group Remained a Trusted Luxury Destination during Uncertainty

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the world. It has heightened uncertainty over many aspects of people’s daily lives. Many crave security and safety in this challenging time. In a changing world where fear of the unknown can create an unprecedented level of anxiety, people look for something constant, familiar, reliable and trustworthy.

The multi-award-winning Royal Cliff Hotels Group has been a hospitality landmark in the vibrant city of Pattaya for more than four decades and is well-loved by guests from around the world. Despite encountering setbacks caused by economic, political and global health crises, through the years no matter the circumstance, it has always delivered 5-star services that are beyond expectations.

Staying Resilient

Difficult times bring to the forefront businesses who can push through despite uncertain conditions. As many stores and establishments close, companies that have a better chance of surviving the crisis are those that adapt flexibility and the intuitiveness to be able to flow with the times. Despite the onset of the COVID-19 crisis that has brought much of the hospitality industry to its knees, the Royal Cliff has gone above and beyond in implementing strategies that would further cement its place in a post-pandemic world.

Not a stranger to natural disasters, outbreaks and epidemics, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has shown its resilience in withstanding the test of time. It had survived economic downturns such as the 1973 OPEC oil crisis and the 1997 Tom Yum Goong crisis, which saw the financial collapse of the Thai baht. It has experienced and endured political turmoil which brought the country to a standstill at least 3 times, including the 2008 Thai political crisis (in which the airport was closed for months) and the 2009 red shirt protests, which ultimately caused the major disruption of the prestigious ASEAN Summit. Showing the longevity of what it offers and the type of resolute steadfast leadership it has at its helm, the luxury icon persevered and survived through it all.

Adapting to the Current Scenario

In volatile times which led to the end for other businesses, Royal Cliff does not only carry on but takes its crisis response to a whole new level. Adaptability has always been part of its corporate culture. Its stance during the current outbreak was no different. With swift adjustments to operational strategies, cross-training of the staff, pricing adjustments and cancellation policy changes, the Royal Cliff did not only put the guests and its employees’ mind at ease but represented a special significance to a lot of people in an uncertain time. It became a secure getaway from the stress and worry of rising infections in major cities, a safe venue for essential meetings and events and even, a luxury reprieve for leisure travellers who were not able to make it back home. While future-focussed to meet forthcoming challenges, its guests are always assured that the high level of care and service they receive would always remain constant.

Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Thailand, Royal Cliff took this opportunity to improve, upgrade and advance further.  Staff were kept busy contributing to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by creating more than 10,000 face masks and face shields which were donated to the front liners in different hospitals across the nation. They also took part in rigorous training programs on maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all.

The resort continued to adapt its facilities to ever-changing customer demands and tirelessly upgrading while keeping its heritage spirit alive. A recent major makeover in the rooms and suites at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel has elevated the property to a new level of modern luxury.  During the hotel closures, the management created new strategies to adapt to the new normal reassuring guests that the hotel has their interests at heart in whatever circumstances. From working with Thailand’s Ministry of Health to develop its Prevent and Protect Program to complying with the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the MICE Venue Hygiene Guidelines of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Royal Cliff has teamed up with the best to ensure a safe and extraordinary experience for all guests.

Once the doors were reopened after the lockdown, it provided a safe haven for eager guests who crave for much-needed relaxing getaways with appropriate safety precautions in place. While essential changes were made in the way the resort operates, Royal Cliff ensures that the quality of the guests’ hotel experience has not been compromised.  The management makes certain that in a new social distancing world, guests would still feel the “human touch” via its modern service including stepping up digital communications to reassure, assist and connect and amplifying the staff’s passion to serve. This made it into a place where people go to in order to forget their problems for a while and enjoy relaxing and extraordinary experiences.

Reassuring Hotels’ Readiness

Royal Cliff Hotels Group was recently granted Amazing Thailand ‘Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Certificate which signifies that the hotel is ready for domestic and international guests’ return post-COVID-19.  The certificate signifies that it is a destination that complies with the highest hygiene and safety standards from the Department of Health and the Ministry of Public health.

The pandemic has highlighted the essential need for a hotel to effectively adapt to constantly changing circumstances.  From venturing into food delivery that brought its restaurants’ award-winning cuisine to the doorsteps of Pattaya residents to enhancing its digital marketing strategies, Royal Cliff Hotels Group was highly successful in doing so. They invested in upgrading the website and frequently communicating with guests via e-newsletters and social media. The marketing team also made sure that all hotels would always have a steady presence online.

Ensuring a Safe Meetings and Events Venue

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group is home to 54 meeting rooms and an award-winning multifunctional convention centre, the Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH). As one of the pioneers of tourism in Pattaya, it has always been at the forefront when it comes to working with the private sector and government bodies to help keep positioning Pattaya as a world-class destination. As the only resort-convention destination in Thailand, it has been the venue for holding esteemed events from renowned institutions worldwide bringing in prominent personalities, industry leaders and high-level officials to the city.


PEACH has recently been recognised by the government for showcasing its new normal preventive measures including modified event setups with social distancing practices, food contamination prevention protocols as well as the venue’s green way of implementing garbage disposal. The convention centre’s air system has been thoroughly cleaned and upgraded with a filter for better air quality during the venue’s temporary closure. A new air disinfection system with UV light has also been installed to control the carbon dioxide level in the venue. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group has created the “Protection-C Package” which incorporates specific preventive measures that allow planners, organisers and corporates to conduct events in a secure and well-protected environment and paves the way for seamless hybrid meetings. The Department of Health has also appreciated the efforts of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH in ensuring the safety of its guests and has shown confidence in the venues’ ability to deliver safe events in Thailand.

Times may change but the passion and legendary hospitality of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group remains steadfast. In good times and even in challenging circumstances, it remains a huge part of many through the unforgettable memories of countless celebrations, milestones, anniversaries and memorable moments of those who have come across it. With improved hygiene and sanitation measures and a reimagined way of serving its guests, its comeback is undeniable. It relentlessly awaits with open doors and open hearts to welcome guests with its signature Thai hospitality.  Offering enchanting experiences, magical stays and unforgettable events, it truly understands that it is in the little details that make something truly extraordinary even in a post-pandemic world!

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