How to Engage While You’re Onstage With a Mobile Event App

Have you ever heard of “nomophobia” before? Nomophobia is the fear of being without one’s phone. Whether or not you’ve heard the word before, you’re probably very familiar with the fear. People are emotionally connected to their phones. They feel anxious if they miss a text.  Phones are so ingrained in our lives now that

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Consolidation of Travel & Meetings Programs on the Rise

Over the last several years, there has been a growing trend among organizations to focus on the consolidation of their meetings, events and travel programs. The benefits to companies are obvious. Travel managers and meeting planners can increase efficiencies, reduce overlaps, leverage negotiating clout, improve client relationships, and ultimately save their organizations time and money.

Power of Personalization

Making Attendees Part of the Event

Personalization has many different definitions. When it comes to events, personalization can refer to obvious forms of personalization like using an attendees name in an email greeting or a personalized swag bag. But it’s also about giving attendees all the information they need and cutting out what they don’t. And, it’s about engagement. Creating an

Satisfy your Craving for Higher Attendee Engagement

Satisfy Your Craving for Higher Attendee Engagement

Every day, technology is changing and evolving. So are our perceptions about technology. For example, we used to believe that if we implemented new event technology attendees would use it – an “if you build it they will come” mentality. We now realize that this, unfortunately, isn’t the case. In fact, building out the app

A Beginner’s Guide to Event Technology

Technology innovations have made event planning easier by allowing for more automatic and seamless processes. But with literally hundreds of options on the market for all different aspects of an event – from pre-planning to check-in, audience engagement, and post-event evaluations – it can be daunting to figure out which technologies you really need. Check

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How to Overcome Appointment Hurdles

We all know the value of events for encouraging face-to-face interactions. Scheduling and completing appointments at events enables the personal, 1:1 interactions that drive business forward. Attendees want to meet with other attendees, and sales executives want to engage customers and prospects. Event planners need to enable these appointments and ensure that they happened. However,


How to Plan for the Worst: When Everything Goes Wrong at Your Event

We all know Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will. During events, it can feel like that law is in full effect. It can start with something small, like one of the badge printers isn’t working, and then things continue to fall like dominoes until you find yourself without power, with a delayed

Mobile event app marketing

The Business of Events: Marketing Your Mobile Event App

If you want to successfully market your mobile event app, you have to be organized. Follow these three steps to stay on track. Prepare Creating a plan ahead of time will help lead to better mobile event app adoption.  Design website banners that read “Download This App Now.” Write app teaser emails and social media tweets. Write

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Using Digital Engagement to Dial Up Events

One of the more notable trends in the events space is capturing and analyzing event data, enabled by the use of technology, to better understand conference attendees. Technology platforms and apps make it easier to collect and assess a wide range of information on attendee behaviors and engagement to uncover helpful insights and provide a better