Event Website Basics

It may seem daunting to build an event website. Really, it’s easier than ever (you don’t need a web developer any more!) – if you’re using the right tool. But even...


45 Things That Can Go Wrong at Events

Picture this, you spend three months planning your biggest event yet and the day comes and things start to go wrong. If you’re an experienced event planner then you know this is bound to happen, but if this is your first event you might be caught off guard. Here’s a list of things that can and

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What Makes a Great Attendee Experience?

A great attendee experience starts long before the event begins. It’s all about delivering a seamless, personalized event experience. More than that, it’s about gathering data on attendees that can be used to personalize their experience and gain greater insights. The level of engagement is determined by convenience, personalization, networking, attendee data capture, and appointment

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Different Names for Event Planners

There are names for everything. Often, there are more names than necessary for one thing. When it comes to job titles, it can be hard to figure out what each means. In the world of event planning, that’s incredibly true. There are many names for event planners. Event planning fits under different titles, some of

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Event Planning Challenges Solved

A recent survey of event planners revealed that the greatest event planning challenges often revolve around two factors: time and money. These challenges can vary, depending on the stage in the event lifecycle, as well as the key stakeholder managing that stage. Event Planning Challenges In their constant juggling of tasks, event planners identified the

6 Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Event Planners

How does an event planner survive event season or busy times? They take simple time management steps to make event season a little easier and run a little smoother. Below are 6 effective time management tips to assist the busy event planner. 1. Work towards your goals It’s important to define your goals well before

Event Planning Resources Treat Pain Points

New technologies, collaborative tools, and integration opportunities with CRM and other platforms are creating new challenges for event planners. The below event planning resources can help planners address these challenges, ensure a memorable attendee experience, and realize desired ROI on their investment. Capturing event ROI requires developing and following well-defined metrics that span the full

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Upcoming Webinar: Cvent’s Top Time-Saving Tools

As an event professional, you’re used to balancing a dozen different tasks at once. Whether you are looking to streamline your registration process, better manage your onsite experience for attendees, or do away with endless Excel sheets, Cvent offers tools designed to save you time and sanity. Check out our free webinar to learn how

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Event Planning Tips

There are so many things to think about when you plan an event. Depending on how long you’ve been planning events, you have different concerns. But, whether you just got thrown into planning or have been planning events your entire life, there will always be unexpected moments. Events, as well as you script them, are unruly.

A 3-Step Plan for Results Driven Event Strategy

There’s more to planning meetings than ordering food or putting up signage—we all know that. The easiest way to keep an eye on your goals is to make sure that your event strategy stays results-driven. And one of the easiest ways to stay on track is to use event tech. Right alongside negotiating with multiple