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Women Speakers Light Up the Room

If you’ve recently attended an event and sensed unique anticipation in the air as the speaker took the stage or experienced a renewed sense of excitement and purpose as the keynote engaged the audience, chances are, that speaker was a woman. We are moving through a moment in history that has shined an overdue light

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New Mobile Event App Benchmark Report: How Do You Measure Up?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that meetings and events are not “one size fits all,” so success can be measured in many different ways. Whatever your definition for success may be, it’s still helpful to have a yardstick to measure your performance against, especially if you’re using event management technology like

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Event Technology and Business Cards: A Complex Relationship

With so much modernization, it’s easy to think that it won’t be much longer until business cards go the way of the dinosaur. However, despite being old school, they’re still incredibly valuable. Whether at a networking event, conference, or hustling on the trade show floor, business cards are necessary. Business Cards Won’t Go Away The

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Personalize Events for Better Attendee Experiences

Power of Personalization There’s no denying that today, it’s all about the individual. We want everything to be made for us or with us in mind. From the rise in popularity of monogrammed necklaces to custom drink orders, we want things to be done the way we like them. Technology has made personalization easier. Starbucks

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Fast Friends: 4 Key Ways to Build Relationships with Vendors

When planning an event, it takes a village. High-quality vendors, staff, and entertainment aren’t easy to find. That’s why, when you do find them, you have to hold on tight. How do you build a lasting relationship with your vendors that will lead to a prosperous venture for both of you and entice them to

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Event ROI Calculation: Top Five Questions

In our last post, we identified the costs and benefits involved in running an event. While some measures such as direct costs or direct revenue are pretty straightforward, other event ROI drivers such as opportunity costs, attributed revenue and knowledge exchange can be a bit more challenging to understand. Let’s dive into the most common

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The Essential Drivers of Event ROI

To get a true calculation of event ROI, you need to take a deep dive into both the costs and benefits of running an event. Far more than simply adding up the direct costs to produce an event and the direct revenue it delivers, it’s important to understand the full spectrum of costs and benefits.

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Everything You Need to Know about Cvent’s Customer Success Groups

Cvent’s Customer Success Groups are a great way to connect with peers, discover new product features and functionalities, and engage with the latest industry trends. These free live events offer useful insights any Cvent user can benefit from. What is a Customer Success Group? Customer Success Groups are half-day seminars taking place in a city

Getting Started on Event ROI

Event ROI is an elusive goal for many event marketers as they seek to design campaigns to align with the financial realities of the business. Generating measurable customer demand from their programs and improving ROI calculations have moved from “nice to have” to “must have” metrics. Even though corporate leaders want marketers to become more