Guide to the Five Types of Survey Questions

Have you ever sat down to create a survey and realized that every word you use matters? Seriously, your words, question order, and answers shape how each person takes...

Survey Basics: Types of Surveys

Surveys might seem effortless, as if they take no time to create. If you’ve ever built a survey, you know that’s not the case. Surveys, research, and data get complicated quickly. If you don’t work with research often or are new to it, it’s overwhelming. The two instruments used to conduct surveys are questionnaires and

Understand Your Consumers With These Market Research Questions

The key to successful events and products is really understanding your market. Launching a new product or service can be stressful and promoting them can be difficult. That’s why understanding what your market needs from you is essential and why strong market research is important. The best way to understand your market is to get the

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

Over the past decade, the use of online and mobile research methods like online surveys has skyrocketed.  Thanks to technological advances, you can now conduct research for a fraction of the cost and time. This makes collecting data easier than ever and better for everyone. After every event, especially Cvent CONNECT, we use online surveys

5 Simple Steps for Analyzing Attendee Feedback

Being able to understand your attendees’ feedback is huge. This can be difficult, though. Comment cards and surveys can be seen as highlighting your failures, but they’re incredible tools to analyze your successes. That’s why it’s so critical to understand the feedback you collect and improve from it. Questionnaires allow planners to measure the extent

[NEW EBOOK] Event Management Technology for Dummies

Over the years, it’s become more and more apparent that the meeting and events industry is changing. Now, technology is everywhere. From mobile event apps to registration websites, venue sourcing sites to increased data and analytics, there’s no part of the event lifecycle that doesn’t use event management technology in some way. Technology is vital

Post Event Followup

What to Say to Attendees After Your Event

Your event is over. But it isn’t really. Attendees might not be onsite attending sessions and networking, but the event isn’t ever truly over. Post-event is a key time to gather information and make a final, lasting impression. So how do you personalize the last communication you have with your attendees and what data do


How to Engage While You’re Onstage With a Mobile Event App

Have you ever heard of “nomophobia” before? Nomophobia is the fear of being without one’s phone. Whether or not you’ve heard the word before, you’re probably very familiar with the fear. People are emotionally connected to their phones. They feel anxious if they miss a text.  Phones are so ingrained in our lives now that

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Why Following Your Attendee’s Digital Breadcrumbs is a Good Idea

Your Attendees Leave a Trail Everywhere They Go – Don’t Let It Go To Waste Pretend that your attendees are Hansel and Gretel. Just like the brother and sister duo, your attendees drop breadcrumbs throughout the event life cycle that give valuable insight into their attendee journey. Once upon a time, this trail was invisible

Cvent 2018 Planner Sourcing Report

[Infographic] 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report

We just went global! Cvent and its hotel counterparts love to pick the brains of our event planner audience, who make up a network of over 200,000 across our planner sourcing platforms and managed a total of 650,000 events in 2016 alone. For our 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report, we went right to the source