3 Principles for Event Gaming Success

With Cvent CONNECT on the horizon, the attendee experience onsite is first and foremost on our minds. Gamification is a topic that comes up often. Chances are, some variation...

Cvent Customer Success

5 Tips For Cvent Customer Success

First off, we just want to start by saying how happy we are that you’re a part of the Cvent family. We put together a quick “welcome kit” for you to get the most out of your partnership with Cvent. And if you’ve been with us for awhile now (hey, we’ve been in the industry for 17

Meeting Minds Blog

Scroll No More: You Have Found the Pearl of the Danube!

Why? We have a conference center floor with one of the largest meeting room in town, multi-functional, same floor meeting space with a 4.9 m ceiling height and built-in black out facilities. We even have a fully trained healthcare compliant team for your HCP events. Coffee breaks with a view We have seen it all:

event roi

WEBINAR: How to Measure and Track Event ROI

Face-to-face events are an integral part of a CMO’s strategy to engage customers and drive revenue. Yet, in the digital age – where every tactic from advertising and social media, to mobile apps and email, is measurable down to the click, reporting on event ROI can be problematic at best. Learn how event professionals prove

mobile event app

7 Tips For Evaluating Mobile Event App Providers

Mobile event apps are changing the way we experience live events. People are using smartphones and tablets day and night, at work and at home – and you can be sure they’re expecting to be able to use them at your event. But, as a planner, how do you choose the right mobile event app?

Cvent & Event Marketing Institute Present: The Event Tech Engagement Study

Today, the value placed on capturing and analyzing event data is greater than ever. Planners need to be able to prove and improve their event’s return on investment, and leaders want to see tangible business results from those metrics. So, the relationship between events and technology has evolved from being important to absolutely critical to those


Local and farm-to-table Menus created around local, seasonal, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients are increasingly popular and can add unique flare to your catering strategy. Event attendees want to experience as much as they can about their host destination – and locally-sourced ingredients can be integrated into every facet of menu. Like many cities across the country, Dallas

Big-City Dining with Neighborhood Convenience

Once upon a time, suburbanites looking for a five-star meal had few other choices than to commute to Philadelphia. Aside from the drawback of fighting traffic was the expense. Sure, there was the expected cost of appetizer, entrée and dessert. But atop the restaurant tab was an outlay for parking. And a valet tip. And

Maryland’s Best Kept Secret

Howard County offers a great location!  We are nestled between Washington DC and Baltimore – consider us the “green in between.”  We offer affordable facilities and unique meeting venues ready to accommodate meetings of every size.  Boasting lakefronts, golf courses and Town Center Hotels, you will find all the amenities you need when selecting a

The Venetian® and The Palazzo®: Aligned with Today’s F&B Trends

The way people shop for, prepare, and consume food has been evolving quickly in recent years.  Consumers are more interested than ever in where their food comes from and what it contains. They are continually looking for healthy yet flavorful new preparation ideas. The hospitality industry has taken notice of these trends, and some of